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      (Original post by Blah1Blah1Blah)
      No I didn't choose to be Muslim. I was born Muslim. Its more than about religion. read the reference. Its beside the point. Insulting Muslims is racist just like insulting Jews is racist.
      You were born muslim, yet you can choose to leave islam anytime you wish. Many did. Ergo its a choice.

      The same cannot be said for someone who is black, or white or whatever. Islam wasn't passed through genes. You were taught about islam. People don't teach you that you are black.

      Seriously, stop trolling. Or refer to post #141. Good day. :hat2:

      people on here are so desperate to show that they arent racists when they hate on muslims. I have stated 3 times that it is called cultural racism. yes you guys are racists. denial isnt making you look any better.

      (Original post by Dan1992)
      There is a serious grain of truth in what he says, as to how we respect/fear too much the overreactions and sensitivities of the more fundamentalist Muslims, e.g. the Koran burning church receiving so much attention while a mosque is built near ground zero, - I mean the democratically supported flag desecration act was overturned by the Supreme Count as unamerican/unconstitutional so there seem to be huge double standards.

      However he conducts himself like a Glenn Beck-type loony and makes some outrageous statements, so all round he's a douche-bag but that doesn't mean that the topic he's discussing is a non issue!
      Yeah he also made really good points about how when a cartoon of Mohammed is depicted there is a huge out cry and protesting from Muslims but then when the extremists commit something horrific they do not protest or condemn it.
      He also acknowledged that it is a small minority who commit the crimes in the name of Allah but I think the point he was trying to put across is that more Muslims need to stand up to that sort of thing.

      EDIT: Also he was patronising. The whole interview was wrong on many levels

      However, the he was an idiot on the whole, made some huge generalisations and didn't allow the caller any airtime. He was really aggressive and attacking him.

      The OP on the other hand is obviously bigoted individual trying to stir up some hatred in TSR. Had he presented the whole clip in a balanced way, people would have been more willing to engage. Maybe something along the lines of 'I came across this clip of blah blah blah and I just wondered what peoples thoughts on it were'
      He probably also should have acknowledged that the DJ is aggressive and unprofessional but then highlighted the good points he made.

      I love when people talk about women being treated as second class citizens as muslims.
      I'm a muslim and a women! I don't feel that way at all!

      But to answer the thread, WTF. It's a sad time it really is. These kind of things bring tears to my eyes.
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