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You might want to read the truth about these drugs Watch


    (Original post by starseedleo)
    Thanks for the insults, as if I haven't been traumatised enough by criminals. You go to get help and you get it again, I'm still here and getting stronger than even before trusting the right people,lol.
    these 'criminals' you speak of most likely saved my life, at the time i obviously didn't like them very much, what with them making me do things i didn't want to and making me be places i didn't want to be, and i couldn't see why they were doing it at all. now i'm alright ( and unmedicated might i add ) i see that what they were doing was HELPING ME.
    stop denying people that help.
    i needed the drugs i was given. because i was barking mad

    (Original post by starseedleo)
    Dear Mental Health Nurse,

    It is with the deepest concern I write this letter today. I wish to bring to your attention the grave abuses that are going on in our mental health system.

    The use of antipsychotic drugs must be halted with immediate effect, as nobody within the system has any insight into the effect of these drugs on the human brain and the fact that these chemicals are having the exact opposite effect to what we are being told. I will attempt to describe the most important information I have gathered so that you may make good use of it within your capacity as a Mental Health Nurse.

    The group of people these drugs were designed for, supposed paranoid Schizophrenics, have more input filters in the brain and these drugs, because of the lobotomizing effect, the chemicals clinging to the d2 receptor, among others, the brain realizes it is not functioning properly and creates even more input filters.

    I am not an expert on input filters, but it seems to me as if it would be emotional and visual input we would take in through the eyes, the one thing people in this category already have a heightened sense of. And that has been known for some time, long before knowledge of mirror neurons finally came to light in the public eye.

    Mental health professionals were actually asking patients in 2008, and possibly beyond this date, whether individuals diagnosed with this condition thought they could feel another person’s emotions. Some of our citizens actually had to explain to full time Psychiatrists that they could indeed and the basic science behind that ability. This knowledge was presented by Professor Robert Winston as early as 2003, and shown on at least two TV channels that I am aware of, UKTV Documentary and the Discovery Channel.

    I find it to be a shocking state of affairs that in 21st Century Scotland our people are being told that severe brain damage from antipsychotic drugs is the best thing for them when Doctors have not even got the first clue about what their dealing with.

    It is obvious that we are all empathic, and we are dealing with the full empaths of our species. I have not been able to confirm if there is any difference between input filters and receptors, and if input filters lead to mirror neurons. However, even without that knowledge, the truth about what some people are designed to do, has become abundantly clear and it does not take a Psychologist to realize that Psychiatrist’s will not be quick to admit they have been hurting people so badly, for so long.

    Most of the people I know diagnosed with this condition have never been delusional, there have been many Doctors that hold this view also. I have read that this same group of people are considered to be Shaman in many parts of the world and the term Schizophrenic has been created by Western Doctors to describe people they do not understand. And as the facts emerge about what this group of people are capable of, such as being able to see things that are there, that most people misinterpret, based on the hollow mask test which shows that only people with this type of brain design can see which side of a hollow mask is convex and which is conclave when asked to look at this image through a viewfinder.

    Also the testimony of some Doctors who have experimented with LSD, which creates more input filters and allows access to more parts of the mind, a temporary brain design similar to that of a supposed paranoid Schizophrenic, and found they have been able to learn more about psychology in a very short space of time, than they have during decades of study. This all adds up to what appears to be, a larger form of consciousness for this group of people and the unique ability to understand the human condition in more depth than the average person.

    Even if some in this category are delusional, yet again, we are making these individuals more prone to misinterpreting the world around them as these drugs destroy Neurotransmitters and make Neurotransmitters misfire.

    One man who claimed to be a Doctor online, reported that one study has shown these drugs to enlarge the Basil Ganglia in the brain, which he stated caused even more extreme emotion. He also mentioned that this has never been investigated beyond the one study he referred to. A blatant disregard for human life by those in the higher echelon of the mental health industry, which means more civilized members of our society are required to take charge of these matters.

    Another very serious lie our Doctors have been told about these drugs, is that they are a vast improvement from the first generation of antipsychotics. However, the truth is, they are actually far more dangerous than the old drugs. The first generation of Neuroleptics damaged the Dopaminergic system and were considered to be clean drugs, the new chemicals damage about 10 different systems all with the minergic title in their name and they are considered to be dirty drugs.

    Doctors believe that drugs are withdrawn if one in a million people die taking them, however one in one hundred and forty five people died during the 2nd generation of antipsychotic trials and this was completely withheld from the publicized results.

    Yet another lie we have all been told about these drugs, is that two thirds of people taking them for the recommended time of 1 year at the standard dose, will develop serious side effects many of which are permanent. This figure was fabricated by criminals and still our medical community continue to disregard human life by repeating it when they are telling people of the possible risks.

    You will hear none of these facts I have written so far from mental health Doctors or written on the information leaflets that come with such drugs, in fact, people diagnosed with this condition are actively discouraged from doing any learning about the effect of the drugs beyond the lies that are spoken.

    I have learned about these facts from many different sources, most of them can be read in the book Mad In America by Robert Whitaker, as are reference points.

    This book also mentions that some of the largest and properly conducted studies ever done by the World Health Organization clearly show that non drug treatment is far better at dealing with such problems.

    If an average citizen can piece this information together and realize just how badly people are being hurt, people who are already more sensitive, having their emotional sensitivity further increased through permanent damage to the brain and central nervous system, this serious lack of judgement from those charged with the responsibility of overseeing the industry, adds up to either serious negligence and incompetence, or serious corruption.

    People’s DNA is being mutated and people are passing along those genetic mutations to their children if they conceive whilst on these drugs, people are being mislead and even forced into taking chemicals that are worsening their condition and many are becoming addicted. People begin to think that they need the drugs to cope once their emotional intake has been artificially increased and once their body is reliant on the chemicals.

    Nobody has offered these people anything different and nobody has made any serious attempt to transform our society, yet we know this is possible.

    People are being tortured against their will right on our own doorstep at the hands of criminals.

    Emergency measures must be taken to make sure human beings in this country are told the full truth about these drugs and also to make sure that no citizen of this land will ever inflict severe brain damage on another living being, whilst proclaiming it to be medical treatment. This is not the dark ages and we will defend our most sensitive of people with the same rights and privileges as any other human being.

    I have never lost faith in my Mental Health Nurses the way I have with so many Psychiatrists. I believe if we can bring about these changes swiftly and decisively in this country, then those actions will resonate far and wide for all beings who appreciate freedom.

    Yours Faithfully

    If you feel that every mental health nurse should have this delivered to them by hand to ensure they get it and hopefully do the right thing once they are more informed than the so called doctors, then by all means, express youself, use your freedom of speech and tell the truth to those who can make a difference.

    If you want to send it to your politicions and demand this be stopeed immediatly by all mean use your freedom and express yourself. I know my demands are strong when it comes to freedom and protecting people. What about yours? They can't stop us all...

    Try as I might, I can't see the evidence for what you assert. I guess my brain just isn't 'special' enough.
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    This has turned into a slanging match amongst peope who don't seem to care too much whats happens to people in their country, hopefully there are more decent people that are going to sit up and take notice. I've heard quite a few people elsewhere share the same sentiments as myself.

    Some things are true whether you believe them or not my friend. We're all entitled to our opinion, a lot of the ones i've heard in here have been an imorale disaster

    I had to stop reading at the fourth paragraph as I was worried that I may someday accidentally recall this drivel as factual information. >.>
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    I have told where to find the evidence, don't worry ile dig them out from more than one source for all you cold hearted types.
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