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    I don't really get the point of this note post, and I'm a feminist.
    (Original post by Mendeleev's Table)
    The thing that makes me wet myself with laughter is the fact that almost all of what I read of that inane diatribe coul be so trivialy reversed with men being 'preyed' on by women.
    This is a huge point. For, while a minority, uncommon issue, it does happen, and the fact that this isn't enough to contradict the purpose of her post shows a double standard. If a man wrote the same article accounting his experience with flirtatious, assertive, manipulative women, how would women react? :rolleyes:

    (Original post by screenager2004)
    Oh please, educate yourself.
    hmm a rude moderator what do you know :rolleyes:

    (Original post by doggyfizzel)
    Considering to unbalance this you are going to need to change male views seeing as it is men that are the benefactors of this imbalance, and that this post has attracted 2-3 positive replies from male members, do you think its going about it in the right way?

    The fact that most men will agree with a general point on equality yet this disappears when discussing "feminists" and their issues, it would suggest they are alienating the exact people they need to be have on side.
    To those in a position of privilege the only thing worse than having their privilege pointed out to them is having their privilege challenged. Obviously not every male is going to take kindly to it but that's more to do with their ignorance than feminism's flaws.

    To me, a feminist loses almost all credibility as soon as they start using buzzwords like patriarchy.
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Updated: April 14, 2012
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