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Meeting your new flatmates watch


    (Original post by vintagebadger)
    one thing ive been thinking about that i havnt seen on this forum is what are you gonna wear on the first day? smart? casual? if you were part of a tight knit group like skaters or what not are you gonna go dressed all skated up or play it down? if you like surfing are you gonna turn up in boardies and a ripcurl t-shirt?

    Im quite a tart so im probably gonna wear something a lil bit smarter then usual but i dont wanna turn up looking like james bond then arrive to see everyone sitting round in their tracksuit bottoms
    I don't think people will be bothered whether you look all dressed up or scruffy. Everyone will be too busy moving all their things in to their rooms and too exited and nervous.

    I turned up at my house slightly hungover (my brother took me out for some good bye drinks) in the first things availble to me which happened to be the jeans from the night before and a scruffy top. I wore no make up and I had my hair scragged back. My main concern was making sure I had everything and then getting it into my room at not what would my housemates think of my clothes. Sure I wanted to get to know them and have them like me but at the end of the day if someone is going to judge me on my clothes I don't think they are worth having much a friendship with. I'm not keen on shallowness.

    I lived in a private house rather than uni accommodationa and we had to take care of everything ourselves. Everyone automatically started looking out for each other which was great. Some of us felt a little weird just out right asking for someones mobile number and also if one person didn't ask they might feel left when thjey figured everyone else had swapped numbers. So what we did was write our names and mobile number on pieces of paper and stuck them on the notice board. This way people could come along and get the numbers if they wished. This especially came in handy when we all went out in freshers week and got sperated.

    Ugh, I can't be bothered about getting dressed up. Something comfortable for the car journey over and make-up/hair wise? *shrug* I'm going to be leaving early so I'll be tired anyway. These people are going to see me in mornings so they better get used to it heh

    Good idea about the phone number thingie ^_^ might steal that from you
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