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Why should it be acceptable for women to look like this? watch


    Let them be whatever size they want.

    1). The health implications are theirs to deal with.
    2). No one is forcing you to have sex with these women.

    (Original post by jammy4041)
    The reason why obese women have it worse, is because there's so much pressure on women to look thin. When Kate Upton is described as a plus size model (!!!), there's a problem. -- Google "Kate Upton plus sized" and you will get almost a million results, with some posts really, really sticking the knife into her...for being confident in her body.

    Heck, this woman, Robyn Lawley, is described as 'plus sized'.

    It's a real problem that this (beautiful) woman is described as plus size, because is suggests that all women who are some how bigger than her, would be automatically plus size...or, to put it bluntly, fat.

    That's the wrong message, because it means smaller is more desirable. Yes, men are affected by anorexia, but. not to the same extent as girls, because the pressure isn't the same. A man can put on a few pounds, and no one will question it. But if a woman was to do it, every would be saying "when's it due"...

    Heck...I know this girl, who today started nit-picking her body because, at 5ft2 125lbs, she thought she was fat. She's even on a net calorie intake (after excercise and stuff) of like less than 800 calories.(iirc...maybe it was 1000 before exercise...or something like that) I was like...'What the heck!??'

    Maybe it's culture...but that sure isn't healthy.
    The lack of women who actually conform to the super skinny model look is a glaring whole in your argument.

    Girls who are overweight will find it easier to get sexual partners, and more social acceptance and support from peers; this more significant when it comes to happiness. I mean, men don't actually like the tiny models; any clever girl will figure that out with the hordes of men after her.

    Also, have you seen the male models??!! That's a harder standard to live up to, because getting ripped plus losing fat is easier than just losing fat.

    Anorexia is a connected but separate issue.
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