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Oxford Student: "If you’re not at Oxbridge, you’re wasting your time" watch


    (Original post by Damien_Dalgaard)
    I play texes hold'em poker on a non-frequent frequent basis.
    play it more. utilize statistics to learn about the game more from a mathematical and game theory pov, its actually amazing when you can think of it so much like that.

    (Original post by Broscientist)
    I would suggest doing something which will allow you to develop your real life interpersonal and team-work skills. I am an online gamer myself, but nothing can replace real human interaction, especially when working in a team.

    Online communication is bare-bones. It does not prepare you for anything, except practicing your foreign language skills (as it is in my case - English is not my first language).
    Umm, what games might you suggest? Also, have you played Travian? It's kind of similar to this but not so sure

    (Original post by Damien_Dalgaard)
    I thought introvert = sitting in your room and studying all day, not talking to anyone and just watching video tutorials till the day repeats.

    Kind of like groundhog day, but learning different stuff.
    This seems like a form of escapism

    (Original post by Imperion)
    Umm, what games might you suggest? Also, have you played Travian? It's kind of similar to this but not so sure
    Hey, I did not have any games in mind. My post was more of an advice to focus on real life activities such as sport, volunteering etc.

    Damien mentioned he considers himself an introvert. I identify myself as such as well, but that does not mean that nothing can be done about it. Online games don't help at all, I am afraid. Only activities which require substantial human interaction do and I am speaking from personal experience.

    (Original post by C_Richards99)
    Read the whole article here:

    If you think it's satire, the author has also written another article called:
    "New rankings say our degrees are so much better than everyone else’s"

    A Nottingham Student echoes the Oxford student with his article:
    If you don’t go to a Russell Group, then why are you at uni?

    Don't think that most Oxbridge students hold this mentality, but I was surprised at how Nottingham is trying to be elitist :confused:.

    Okay. Oxbridge are one of the best universities in the world and I am not going to disagree this fact.

    I don't understand why some of them / some people love to look down on us.

    **Personal opinion only**

    (Original post by TaxAspirational)
    I think he is right. The fact that all of you are so butt-hurt about it that you feel

    a) you need to make a post about it
    b) you need to insult him to salvage some of your pride and reassure yourself of your worth
    c) are taking the time to read the supplementary articles,

    proves that what he is saying is hitting a nerve because subconsciously you know it is true but are loathe to admit it.

    Not going Oxford and Cambridge cuts off significant opportunities for your life, it's the truth, nothing bad about it.
    It's more the fact he has the cheek to convey superiority while looking like a pubeless harry potter detard that irks me more than anything. Unfortunately for him, there are some things not even an oxbridge education can grant when it comes to baiting minge.

    This is a load of bull. Some of the smartest people in the world didn't even need an education to get to where they are now. Oxbridge graduates may indeed include some of the most famous actors and politicians around, but only on a national level.
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