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    (Original post by oldercon1953)
    1) Would have no effect on a Trump Presidency.
    2) That global warming is caused by man and that man can reverse ir is a myth.
    3) Except in the well known exceptions millions of Americans think it should be illegal. Most feel it should not be used as a form of birth control.
    4) Nonsense. However, he and a vast majority of Americans do agree with many voices coming from Europe now that their religious beliefs forbid them from assimilating so would anyone with a lick of common sense what them in their country. No one has a right to live here. As for illegals of Mexican decent, can't you see how 11 million illegals can put an impossible strain on public entitlements? Arizona, New Mexico which are border states, are not wealthy states. Again, no one has a RIGHT to come here. You may feel you have nothing to lose. We do.
    5) How has he discriminated against muslims? With the exception of a few left wing ******s any sane person would want surveillance of mosques.
    6) The FEDERAL dept of EDUCATION should have been dismantled years ago. Centralized education in country the size and diverse as we are defies common sense.
    7) Doesn't everyone in the world,(who works anyway,) pay as little tax as possible? You have a DUTY to pay as little tax as possible. Every denied the Gov. is a dollar worth of screwups we have saved ourselves from.
    1) A person who makes his mind up on emotion(fear) and his own small world view shouldn't be running a country, but hey congratulations, at least you didn't try to refute that vaccinations do not cause autism.

    2) You may need to do some research on climate change and global warming. There is a overwhelming consensus from scientists (97%) that global warming is happening and we are the cause. Maybe try looking into both sides of the argument instead of watching fox news and basing all your opinions on that so it fits your bubble.

    3) Trump shouldn't be enforcing laws that decide what a man or woman does with their body. It should not be part of law, the fact he has flip-flopped on this issue is scary enough.

    4) Mexicans contribute a massive 4% GDP to your countries economy. If you look at the facts you will see these people are helping your society massively. Once against, try and look at all sides instead of holding yourself in a trump bubble.

    5) Wanting surveillance in mosques IS DISCRIMINATION. You obviously have a problem with Muslims if you think that this is a 'normal' thing to want. The vast vast majority of Muslims are just normal people want to live normal lives. These people work and slowly integrate into society more and more over time. You need to face up to the fact that Islam is just like any religion, just like Christianity, is flawed at the heart but over time will accommodate to western values.

    Trump is doing NOTHING to promote integration and this divide will cause more problems than you believe it will solve.

    6) Under funding education will not fix any of these problems. I'm guessing that money could go towards the military instead, I'm sure you would prefer that.

    7) Paying a little tax as possible is fair enough. Avoiding tax is morally wrong and should not be condoned by a possible POTUS

    (Original post by Miracle-)
    The fact that you say there is not a shred of evidence baffles me. There is overwhelming evidence,
    Firstly, there is NOT enough anecdotal evidence to suggest a link, in fact, only a couple of studies were done in the 1990's that showed there MAY be a link between vaccinations and autism. That study has been heavily criticized for its methodology and the results have been deemed un-interpretable by scientific organisations.

    Since then over 49 studies (including many from the NMH) have concluded time and time again that there is no link between vaccinations and autism. This entire claim is unsubstantiated and made up on fear. Vaccinations DO NOT cause autism. The fact that trump believes the fear and bases his decisions on emotion rather than fact shows you exactly why he is unsuitable for POTUS.

    There is overwhelming evidence that there is a link between increased levels of CO2 and increase in temperatures, in fact I would like to see your evidence against it because there is a almost full consensus that it is happening.
    97% of scientists believe global warming is happening and that we are the cause. Search the internet do your own research. How can you deny such these facts?
    Look at both sides of the argument instead of shouting in your trump echo chamber.

    Trump is the once again basing a countries future, not on experts or science, but on his own tiny world view opinion. This is toxic for a country.
    Perhaps the Institute for Mental Health is lying when they say they are concerned enough about a link they are currently conducting research.

    I laugh everytime I see that phrase, " 97% of scientists agree". How about, 97% of scientists we polled who were left-wing tree hugging whack jobs who are counting on perpetuating the myth to receive more grant money to pay their rent. If you've NOT seen credible research to the contrary youre the one not looking at all the evidence. I suggest you goggle the subject.

    I love donald trump
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