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Would you be the opposite sex for a day? Watch


    Why not?
    Even longer than a day, maybe... I'd love to try

    (Original post by SunnysideSea)
    What does that even mean? Like, what does that actually mean? A woman 'in herself'? huhh? As opposed to out of herself? Is a guy capable of being 'in himself'? Is a guy not strong, is he only strong when 'in himself'? What makes this 'in herself' woman so much stronger than men, whether they're 'in themselves' or not? Or are they both the 'definition of strength'? Because if not, that's beginning to sound a tad sexist .
    my opinion was not supposed to sound sexist but lemme see if i can put this on paper. a man is considered strong by society's eyes and definition. when society speaks of women in general they are considered weak and the lesser sex. males are the superior one....yada yada yada, we've heard it all before.

    but to be a woman in society then and society now is an accomplishment. we have to fight for everything that we want and need, one might say things come easy for us but that is far from the truth. when it comes to equality we aren't considered equals to man. in sports playing at a professional level women earn nothing compared to men take for example when USA women won their third straight championship winning 2m
    while the men lost at round 16 but still earned 9m and then germany (i was rooting for them in that game)won with 35m.

    or in politics you would never hear no reporter as a male politician, what if his place isnt with his family and not in the office, while as opposed to asking female politicians if they are menstruating or who's dress are you wearing.

    or lets go back in time when a woman could not vote, fighting for women's suffrage was not easy and not to remember the backlash that we suffered because of wanting equal rights.

    or lets speak of the disproportion that arises when you look at statistics for Gender Based violence 1 in 3 women to 1 in 7 men (im not downplaying what men experience) keeping in mind that women is the majority of most countries. and then look closely at the breakdown of women closer 70% of women experience violence at the hands of partners, over 200m women alive have had forced female genital mutilation and then think of the 67% that have experienced sexual violence before the age of 15.

    or lets speak about the boardroom. do you know that in most college intake, women make up the majority sex population and when it comes to graduations women still remains in the majority. and despite the fact that more women are graduating with more degrees than men when you look at the corporate breakdown women only hold 4% of the top positions for 500 fortune companies. and in countries like japan, women are forced out the workforce after marrying or getting pregnant.

    and lets talk about the strength women must have to push a few pounds out of their vaginas, without so much as a proper thank you, i would like to try and see men do that, when a nice sum of men faint or leave the rooms of look away during pregnancy

    Just saying a small synopsis of Why I Believe the being a WOMAN is STRENGTH in itself. do you know how hard it is to live for your dreams as a woman when the whole world is against you. We as women in the western world have it real good, because majority of the freedom that we enjoy many don't and that why it up to us to push for those who dont by breaking small barriers

    (Original post by penelopecrux)
    i've always wanted to pee standing up

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