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The lack of patriotism and sheer self-hatred on this site disgusts me... watch


    (Original post by saalih)
    Muslims pay obligatory charity, taxes on non Muslims was for their protection and for them not to join the army of Muslims and fight, it was a just and a fair system....

    There was no subordination of non Muslims, they were free to practice their religion and if they were so badly treated why did not they leave? in fact the system was so fair that the leader of the Muslim territory (the caliph/khaleefah) was once brought to trial against a non Muslim citizen and the verdict went against the Muslim leader!!!!

    coming to the Christians and Jews story..How easily you blame Christians for becoming antisemetic as if there was no reason behind it..Jews were the one who started calling Jesus a ******* and heretic because of which the rift between Jews & Christians began...And Jews were the ones responsible for the crucifiction of Jesus (however Jesus was neither crucified nor killed but that is another story altogether, which can be proven from the Bible itself).
    Gangsters charge protection money too.

    A system in which you have a large religious army, conquer territory, subjugate the population, incentivise people to convert by taxing those who don't (and often enslaving people, who are more likely to be emancipated if they convert) and forcing them to live under the religious laws prejudicial to non-believers which prevent them from proselytizing and building and maintaining their own places of worship, prevent anyone who has converted or has been born within the dominant religion from leaving it or criticising it cannot by any stretch of the imagination be regarded as 'just' or 'fair'.

    The Caliphate model is an aggressive military theocracy bent on not just conquest, but controlling peoples minds which envisages ultimate ideological as well as political uniformity, its 1984-medieval dystopian hybrid.

    Citing an example of a non-Muslim receiving one favourable verdict at the expense of a Caliph does not prove a system just or fair, it only suggests that rule of law within that framework (whether it be just or unjust) can be applied against the powerful. But if you want to raise historical examples, the history of the various Caliphates is littered with bloodshed and injustice for political gain, not least at the expense of Muhammad's own family. Was the persecution and cruel treatment and execution of Islam's Prophet's family just or fair? Does it point towards a flawless model for a future Muslim polity? Do you think it was good or justifiable? And if not why did it happen under these perfect Caliphates?

    Do you celebrate the Caliphates of the past and want a restoration of the Caliphate? If you do you are a political Islamist.

    And if that is the case then which one embodies your idea of an ideal Islamic state - which Caliph exactly? And what accounts for all negative elements of the other Caliphates, even if you claim one of them was ideal?
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