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First Kiss? Watch

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    (Original post by TooEasy123)
    when i was 13/14 in the winter i started talking to a girl over msn and tried talking a lil bit at school, but i was really NERVOUS around girls (felt hopeless); somehow we still managed to form a connection but mainly online...

    so eventually it was summer holidays, and we had agreed to meet up at the park. I was really nervous about it and delayed it quite a few times, but in the end i just did it. We both texted each other about who we've snogged before, i was tempted to lie but i didnt, i admitted nobody. I was really worried she wouldn't want to meet me after i said that but strangely enough she hadn't got off with anyone either (she was quite "fit" so i didnt know why), and only kissed one guy so we were both excited to meet...

    So i met her outside asda, and it was awkward (not been with her alone before, usually it was with other people at school). i had nothin to say and kept havin a blank mind lol. but after 15 mins everything started to click, i have no idea how. after about 20 more mins of walking we went to sit down on a park bench under some trees. And we both looked at each other as if we both remembered the texts we sent each other a few days before

    We actually talked about it for a good 10 mins, like how to use tongue etc but since neither of us had done it before, we were a bit clueless. then we sat there for about 2 mins about to finally kiss.

    so we moved in slowly and our lips touched, I actually remember thinking at that time, "i cant believe this is happening!" But i was so nervous too, i just kissed her and leaned back out of it. I felt like such an idiot for ruining the moment and i didnt want to try again due to feeling embaressed so we just tried to laugh it off
    By now it was like 8pm so it was starting to get dark, so i decided i would go home and she would too.

    Not long after, we stopped talking because we argued over something stupid, so in the end, we never actually "got off" with each other :/
    So.... this was my "first kiss" ... but honestly, it doesn't feel like it counted? it felt unfinished.

    Its been 3 years since then, and i kinda drifted back into my old ways, of not being very talkative around girls. That year, i did a lot of things outside of my comfort zone, but now im sort of back to square 1 :/

    Arghh its not the same anymore most people meet at parties now im 17, and i dont like going to them, i would prefer to meet someone the day, but im not that good at talking with girls so i havent created any chances like this since...
    Cool story bro.

    No,seriously, I loved it. Such a happy-sad story...
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