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Female slapped my ass in a club, want to report it to the police. watch


    (Original post by Chief Wiggum)
    Really? So if someone is convicted of rape, they only have a 1% chance of going to prison? I find that pretty difficult to believe tbh.
    Well then you are naiive to trust the police just like I was when I was fifteen. Don't worry about it though it's very common to think that a high number of rapists actually get a conviction. Most people believe that they do. In regards to sexual abuse very little is done to help trust me. These statistics come from Rapecrisis, RAINN and CSEW - statistics especially regarding crimes like this can never be 100% accurate but they are based on reported and recorded crime, surveys and estimates.

    (Original post by Joel 96)
    How could you possibly differentiate whether it was accidental or on purpose?
    A slap on the arse still counts as sexual harassment. Someone who was scarred by an incident like this has the authority to make a claim. Who are you to say otherwise?
    Well you can't 100% for sure just like a lot of things in life but you can make a judgement based on where they touched. Both in the environment (i.e in a very crowded environment people often accidentally touch each other when trying to get past) and where on the body and also how long they touch for.

    Okay you clearly didn't read my post properly I explicitly said that what happened to the OP was sexual harrassment not sexual abuse. So you saying that I said it wasn't sexual harrassment is bizarre cos I literally said that it was in the first sentence. Perhaps reread a post before making an inaccurate conclusion.

    Also scarred by the incident? Other than perhaps a child who is scarred by being slapped on the arse? People may feel distressed or uncomfortable but scarred? That implies that it significantly mentally affects them for a long period. If someone is scarred by being slapped on the arse then what do you think rape victims feel?

    (Original post by Superhotfire)
    So in other words..

    if a female accuses a man of rape, he definitely did it.

    If hes found guilty he definitely did it

    If hes not found guilty he definitely did it

    feminist pig

    Posted from TSR Mobile
    How the **** did you come to that conclusion? Nothing I said differentiated between gender treatment for starters. Genders should be treated equally. Nowhere did I say or imply otherwise. Nowhere did I say anything or even mention about whether someone was definitley guilty of a conviction that they have been given. Wrong convictions have been given for a numerous amount of crimes in lots of cases.

    You are clearly a troll just giving out crude and unjustified insults to make people feel terrible. FYI I neither identify myself as a feminist or a pig so that insult was unneccesarily offensive. And don't accuse me of things that I have never said or even implied.

    I specifically said that the ass slapping incident was sexual harrassment not sexual abuse and it would be the same regarding any gender.

    I won't reply to anything else you have to say as you are clearly a troll and have nothing better to do with your life than verbally attack people on social media and I don't have the time or energy to speak to people like you.
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