AQA AS level Business 19th and 23rd May 2016


    i thought paper 1 was much easier did anyone else mess up the maths questions and or not have time to finish the 20 marker. i finished paper 1 with time to spare

    (Original post by CatusStarbright)
    I thought paper 1 was alright, there weren't any weird questions there.
    Yeah, the questions today were just disgusting.

    (Original post by ThatGooner)
    Personally, I think the length of time in proportion to question length is a bit ridiculous on paper 2. If it's 1 mark per minute, then you're left with 10 minutes of thinking time and case study annotation. I can just about do a 16 mark in the allotted time so it's tough to get it all done. Managed quite well, though, I thought. Only bit I didn't finish was the second half of my conclusion for the 20-marker.
    This is why I just read the question first, and then quickly scan the case study. Lesson learnt from the first paper.
    (Original post by claudiamendes)
    Paper 1 was so easy!! Compared to this one... it was great
    You see, I'm the other way around. I preferred paper 2 much more. :/

    on the 20 mark question did you write about it within the context of the case study or in general terms?

    Here are the ones I remember. I've got pretty bad marks before so this is probably extremely incorrect :')

    -64000 for the breakeven

    -For the other equation the biggest number - the smaller ones

    4) Outsourcing is where a company hire/work with another external company
    -Mind Candy don't have to buy the machinery, land or staff to do the job, less expenisve as not worth investing in
    -Company may know how to market the products which mean that the company won't lose potential investment in wrong marketing

    -His share prices would rise if the company became bigger, making personal profit
    -It allows the company to be innovative which can create a more profitable business, and it did with Moshi Monsters

    For question 6 (I'm 99% sure I got this all wrong)
    -Private means quick decision making. So if a trend is coming into place it means that the company can respond to this and attract customers, whereas in public decision making is a lot longer
    -Private = Liable
    Public = unliable, public is therefore better
    Conclusion: private is better due to decisions

    For the motivational theory one I did:
    -Definition of motivational theory
    -Hackman and Oldman share values that were in figure 1, and how having those values alongside H&O theory shows what motivates workers
    -But money is used in businesses with unchallenging jobs, which goes against job satisfaction that H&O believe in
    -Conclusion that money isn't good because of H&O

    For the 20 marker my teachers said to do a definition, two for one point and one for a contrasting point, and a conclusion. So I did:

    -Definition of ethics (Along the lines of morals and fair business)
    -Point for it being the biggest influence: means they will have a good reputation to parents as unlike other games they will feel safe knowing their child won't be paying extra with sneaky tactics
    -Against (1) By being ethical could loose potential revenue that competitors will have gotten through being unethical, and competitors can then put that back into their product
    -Against (2) Other influences are more important, and focusing on ethnic influences could mean influences such as competition overthrow them
    -Conclusion of why it shouldn't be the main influence.

    Can't remember the last question, and also why was there a figure on staff!?

    (Original post by knwd)
    on the 20 mark question did you write about it within the context of the case study or in general terms?
    You must base your answer on the case study and then a paragraph on how some businesses might not need ethics.

    **** me completely mis read the motivation question and didnt mention any of the old pretentious farts and their models.

    (Original post by claudiamendes)
    I'm doing the new AS level AQA spec for Business on the 19th and 23rd May. Just wanted to know if anyone has any predictions of what units might come up?
    Hi I'm doing this exam tomorrow as a mock, any info on what topics came up would be super helpful?
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Updated: September 22, 2016
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