Black lives matter or All lives matter?


    (Original post by Jacarch12)
    I would like to assume you understand why BLM is even a movement. If you did, this question would not be asked.

    (Original post by Peroxidation)
    All lives matter.

    BLM has evolved into a domestic terrorist organisation which encourages racial segregation and black supremacy. It's a disgrace to humanity.
    BLM isn't saying that all lives don't matter. It's saying Black Lives Matter (Too), not Black Lives Matter (More). The main fight is for equality; focusing on the people most at risk doesn't make it segregation.

    (Original post by wickedisgood)
    BLM isn't saying that all lives don't matter. It's saying Black Lives Matter (Too), not Black Lives Matter (More). The main fight is for equality; focusing on the people most at risk doesn't make it segregation.
    No but demanding spaces where white people arent allowed calling for them to be banned from parts of public buildings is segregation.

    Maybe tell BLM that black lives matter before a protestor goes and kills another protester.

    (Original post by Jacarch12)
    I would say something close is calling us the Human Race. Although its a label, its non specific really except for the human part.
    Black lives matter. what do you guys think? Most of us are all humans.
    Nobody is more special than anyone.
    Am british and i used to think i know more about british until i took i test called British Citizenship and i have failed miserably ahhaha
    Its called
    the hard ones are 8 and 16. try it might cost little admin fee tho

    I'm not even one of the people who say "black lives matter? ALL lives matter" because obviously the message of BLM isn't that white lives (etc) don't matter. it's that black ones do in the face of an apparently racist and discriminatory society.


    the BLM movement is just flat out ignorant.

    for instance, regarding all the police shootings in the USA, 65%~ are white victims and 35%~ are black
    people are killed by the police far less than people kill cops -
    blacks kill blacks 90% of the time that black people are murdered, and blacks commit 52% of all murdered
    so it's not cops that kill blacks - blacks themselves kill blacks (althoiugh whites murder pretty much at the same intra-racial rate as black do)

    the problem isn't racism, it's the fact that black individuals have a particular culture that isn't as well to do as the white predominant culture
    for instance, blacks have about 70%+ fatherlessness, they have a culture of rap gangsterism in many parts of america, they drop out of high school and college far more than whites

    "black lives matter" isn't a typical, uninformed, internet-led movement just like "occupy wallstreet". it will pass as the information disproving it disperses.
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Updated: October 4, 2016
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