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Progression from year 2 to 3 with failed modules?

I took 6 modules in year 2 at dundee. 2 of which were history which i struggled with. i decided to persue a single politics degree in year 3 and passed my politics modules without a problem, so overall passed 4 and failed the 2 history ones.

i recieved a letter saying that i havent passed all of the modules in year 2 and have to await the outcome of a commitee meeting on the 8th of september. anyone know what the possible outcomes will be? or what options i will be left with?

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The outcomes are either that you are excused your failure, that you are forced to resit the classes but can carry on into 3rd year, or that you are forced to retake 2nd year. Short of dropping out, you don't have any choice in the matter.

The jardon used by the committee is about compensation and condonement. To quote from university guidance:

"Compensation is defined here as the process by which a board of examiners may decide that a strong performance by a student in one part of the curriculum may be used as the basis for the award of credit in respect of a failed performance elsewhere.

Condonement is defined as the process by which a board of examiners, in consideration of the overall performance of a student, decides that without incurring a penalty, a part of the programme that has been failed need not be redeemed."

That's what they'll be assessing. If your general performance has been good, they'll look favourably on you. If you've been borderline dropping out, then they'll probably want rid of you. If you're switching to Politics exclusively for Honours then they'll take that into account and, if you show more promise there, be more willing to give you a chance to continue.
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