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dangerous areas of Manchester, where are they??

hey, well im moving to Manchester in about 2 and a half weeks and was wondering what areas i should stay away from, as they may be a bit too dangerous. i'm from Leicester which also has its dangerous areas which i keep away from, basically because i know if i get caught in the middle of a gang... im not going to beat them all up and win lol.

so someone told me Moss side was pretyy dangerous, any other areas i should be concerned about. i am obviously a bit scared of going to a really big city, so if you have any tips - please feel free to tell (e.g. it may be better if i don't carry a laptop or expensive things around with me)...
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I wouldn't worry, if I were you: the 'dodgy' areas of Manchester are ones that, as a student, you're hardly likely to end up in.

For what it's worth, I wouldn't flash the laptop in Newton Heath, Ardwick, Gorton or Collyhurst - which are miles from either the University or Halls - and perhaps not in Levenshulme, either, which is quite a bit closer, but still not a place you're likely to end up in by accident.

As far as Moss Side is concerned, it was only ever particularly dodgy ten years ago, and only then if you were black and involved in dealing; it certainly had a lot of gun crime at the time, but it was confined to a very small area and was basically a turf war. The likes of you and me just wouldn't have known it was actually going on. Since then, most of the Gooches - the local gang responsible - have been jailed, a lot of money has been spent regenerating Moss Side, and violent crime has fallen to a level that really shouldn't worry the average, sensible student, who takes average, sensible precautions. The reputation remains only because lazy Southern journalists perpetuate it rather than doing their own research. (If you're of a statistical bent, there are plenty of crime figures available at the GMP website, and at
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University of Manchester
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First of all don't be paranoid!!
You have to be street wise after dark but don't be too fearful.
Moss Side is not dangerous, it's a No Go Area, day and night!!! The problem is that it also borders nice areas like Chorlton and Whalley Range, so the bus goes through it. Make sure you are not on the border.
Staley Brigde not so good. Salford is also a problem area, but not all of it.
Levenshulme has a reputation, but I don't find it too bad.
Longsight is pretty bad too.
Didsbury is nice. Chorlton is the sort of the middle class slighlty alternative area, with very nice friendly people. Fallowfiled is the preferred private accomodation student area.
Rusholme is the Indian/pakistani/bangladeshi area, with a mile of restaurants and ethnic shops. I find it ok to go around at night, but very busy to live in.
For nights out I think the city centre (Deansgate, triangle square, Albert Square, Castlefield, Canal Street, Oxford Road, Chinatown) is all ok. I walked trhough them at 3 am and never had any bother.
DOn't go around with eyes shut and you'll be all right.

One piece of advice. Do not start arguments, do not respond to provocation, walk away from confrontation and cross over to the other pavement if needed to avoid
bumping into trouble. You never know who you have in front.

Hope this helps. If you want to ask more just say it and I'll try my best.
Most people will say Moss Side but personally, knowing Manchester well, I wouldn't say it was significantly dodgier than anywhere else in Manchester these days. It had a big drug gang culture that seems to have died out. There are so many students around now, who will be just like you and don't want to cause a fuss/get into fights, so you'll be fine. Just don't make yourself a target by walking around on your own at ridiculous hours of the morning, be sensible with your valuables, and don't take back street shortcuts at night - stick to main roads. Manchester is just like any other city - bad stuff happens to anyone who's in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it's just not likely.
im from peckham i fear nothing
Nah. Moss side is wikid man. Like come see me there innit. You got nothing to fear, noone carries shanks around anymore, it's just gats these days.
You are very, very naïve, borderline moronic.
You're going to get eaten up alive.
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Mancher is bloody dangerous , I got shot in the leg for que jumping.
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Canal Street :wink:
Mancher is bloody dangerous , I got shot in the leg for que jumping.

Canal Street :wink:

I'm tempted to rep you for that :lol: