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eVision problem!

Okay, so I logged onto evision and went to "mychecklist" where we are supposed to complete the tasks. It stated that I needed to complete the tasks in the "My Personal Information" and "My Finance" section. When I try to review the info in the my personal information section, and click on next to continue, it keeps on taking me back to the first two sections that I had reviewed and won't let me move on!. I've filled in all the info the sections require and it is all correct. How can I sort this out? :confused:

Also, where do we get the timetables for the start of the year?
yeah if you want to amend it it says that it will refresh it and you need to fill it in

and you need to fill in the student union thing section too

i want my timetable too

i clicked on the teaching timetable link under "myuniversity" and it wont let me log in or whatever ://
Main Concourse, Brunel University
Brunel University London
I also have a problem with e-vision if anyone can help. I have logged in to e-vision and i am trying to get in to the term and modules section but it asks for login details so I used my network username and password to login but it still won't let. Am I supposed to use a different password?
if you have problems with ulink, call the university.

You won't be given your timetable until you are at uni. This will be given to you in Freshers Week. You should be able to access your courses' timetable for freshers week though.
Thank-You ^^^ I'll call on monday
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You might not get your timetable right away, I didn't get mine until I was at the university. And even then there were changes being made left right and centre.

Also there are four things you need, you should have a Student Number, Network password, student log-in and evision password
They're all used in different ways. Evision uses ur student number and its password, whereas, U-link uses student number and network password, webmail uses ur student log-in and network password and intranet uses your student log-in and network password.

However with the intranet you'll need to type in "academic\" then your student log-in
For all those who want to get ahead of the game and not get confused by them, it took my ages to figure out which password or username went where.
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To clarify:

There are three sets of username and password at Brunel:

1. eVision which uses your student id number (0912345) and eVision password
2. Your Brunel Network Account (me09ikb) that is used for most the computer systems (email, logging in to computers, Connect) and this has its own password which you set during registration
3. u-Link which uses your student ID number and the password from your Brunel Network Account (number 2)

You get your Brunel Network Account via eVision (it is one of the last tasks you have to complete), if you are having any issues with this task then ring Brunel and ask for Computing Support.

Don't forget to register your computer (if you are bringing it) at (once you have your Brunel Network Account) and why not save a bit of cash and also download a free copy of Kaspersky Internet Security from (you will need your Brunel Network Account to activate this product)


Peter Hart
Computer Centre, Brunel University