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Sheffield Accommodation Photos

Seeing as people are always asking for photos of the accommodation, I thought it might be an idea if we had a thread where people could post pictures of their rooms/flats/buildings once they've moved in (or their old photos), so we could have a nice little sticky with a list of all the accommodation and photos. A nice neat master post rather than all in dribs and drabs in various "does anyone have any pics" threads which end up as pages of talk with one picture buried in there somewhere.

So as people post their photos here, I'll edit them in to this post in an organised manner.

Opal 2
- Bedroom

- Building, bedroom, kitchen
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I dug up an ancient photo from when I was a Fresher in Opal 2. This is a single room and they're all identical unless you get a double and then it's just a bit wider. Out of shot to the right is the ensuite and behind the camera is the door and a pinboard. Other than that you can see everything.

Obviously it doesn't come looking this much of a bombsite.
Mappin Building
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Added :smile:
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is that a blender on the desk???
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is that a blender on the desk???

That's what I thought at first but actually I think it's a water jug, no?
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Slender Loris
That's what I thought at first but actually I think it's a water jug, no?

that makes so much more sense. cause who keeps a blender in their bedroom?
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i think it looks more like a kettle
Couple of pics of the outside of Crewe flats

Photos of my room - mine was a long narrow room with a bed, desk and sink arranged down the right hand side of the room, and some storage shelves and a built in wardrobe on the left hand side (which you can't see in the photos). All the rooms are different sizes though but they have the same things in, although some wardrobes are built in and some are free standing.

Kitchen in Crewe flats, what you can't see is a big (like floor to almost ceiling) fridge and a freezer the same size. Sadly the poster of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom is not provided by the university

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All these images are from Opal One.

Click for pictures

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(Putting the mattress on the floor makes it easier for two people to sleep on it without falling off.)

LOL brilliant
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is that a blender on the desk???

What next to the pack of condoms? No, that's a water filter jug haha.
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Do rooms in Crewe flats have a full length mirror lol?
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Well seeing as we gravedug this, might as well post my contribution:

Pictures of Rivelin (Endcliffe).