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Are the freshers wristbands worth it?

Should I buy the wristband for £35 or buy tickets separately? or wait until uni starts and decide then?
Thanks for any replies!
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Depends on what you plan on attending, I'm going to have a good look later and decide, at the moment it's just the 2 Sin Savers and the Freshers Ball I plan on attending, which comes to £21, so unless I fancy anything else, there's no point in me getting one.
Medicine at Swansea University
Swansea University
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Where do we find out about these events? Also can someone explain what the freshers ball is.
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The Fresher's ball is a smart dress (suit and tie job, generally) in Fulton House where they have drink and live music. Was quite a good laugh. Go on
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If you're anything like me you wont go to half the events you buy tickets for as you end up making your own fun finding much more exciting places in the city centre :P
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I added up the main events and i dont think its gonna save me money, its gonna be hard going to an event everynight, so i think im just gonna stick with the main ones:

Fresh and Free,
Safer sex ball, 5.00
Skool disco, 5.00
Freshers ball 15.00

The biggest and best event isnt included in the package which sucks :frown: , Ultra Violet at Play has got an amazing line up and tickets are only £7.00

Ultra Violet -

Better hurry up tho cos i heard tickets are selling quick! :eek: