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Free/cheap car parking for Abertay Uni?


I'm going to be travelling to Dundee by car from mid-September. Abertay Uni has no student parking apart from 3 miles away at the halls of residence, which I think you'll agree is a bit far to walk in the pouring rain (the default weather setting in Scotland). The closest car park is a public multi-storey which would cost me up to £10 a day - and being a student, I just can't afford it.

Does anyone know anywhere within reasonable distance where I can park for free or cheaply?

I blame the idiots who are pushing global warming on us for this. Or should I say globull warming.
Living in Dundee, the quick answer is no. Unless you wish to park along victoria road but up the hill a bit... which I'm not sure its technically allowed, but lots of people do it.

Here is a list of the council car parking

You wont be upto £10 though. Anyway I'd recommend the monthly ticket, I know its £70 but £70/4 = 17.50 p/w
17.50/5 = £3.50 assuming your in 5 days a week.

Alternatively get a bus pass and travel via bus each day, which may work out cheaper again since you won't have petrol to pay for.
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Parking in Dundee around either uni is a nightmare.

How far are you willing to walk from your parking spot?
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A mile and a half is workable. That's half an hour walk, which I wouldn't mind.

Tescos on riverside allow 3 hrs parking free, but if you go over that you risk a £60 fine!
Yes if you're willing to walk that far, then you will have to be in VERY early in the morning, since traffic is abismal in the morning. Especially if you have 9am starts.

Whats you're timetable like (if you have it?)
This will help you loads OP.

I know a friend who parks at Greenmarket which is where Sensations is (if you know where that is), it's just past the railway station. £70 a month according to that site.

haha Same link as I put :smile: well almost. I think mine is a link from there...
I never saw your link.... Yeah it is.

its ok :smile: Great minds think alike :wink:
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Would it be possible to sneak in and park at Dudhope Castle, or is that controlled by security and restricted to staff like the Bell Street campus?
As an aside - motorbikes can park in the Abertay car park on Bell Street, they should just open the barrier for you (my housemate parks in there).
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Bit of a walk, but there are plenty of lanes off Perth Road that are unrestricted. Still, there's got to be stuff closer. Try up the hill around Dundee College? Pretty residential there.
Up the hill, is "pay and display"