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Oakley Court, How many students per bathroom?

I've just received my offer for accomidation.
Oakley Court.
Flat 10, Room 1.
Male Only,
Non Smoking,
Self Catered.

As this wasnt what i applied for in fact more or less the complete opposite (en-suite, vale, mixed gender) im unsure to how many people per bathroom this is.
And kitchen while were at it?

Cheers for any replies.
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I got similar to you , but at Maple Bank - If i remeber correctly we share kitchen and bathroom with 5 ppl.
University of Birmingham
University of Birmingham
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If you only got the offer today when did you apply?

Maple bank is definately 5 but the stuff at pritchatts road I think is slightly different especially Oakley coart as some of there flats have a mixture of shared facillities and duplex rooms (one bathroom for 2 bedrooms) so the shared bathrooms should have a similar number of users but the kitchen may have slightly more people using it but then they do have twice the appliances etc to cater for the need. And don't complain about not having the accomodation you want as some people out there still do not have any accomodation or if they do are being shipped out miles from the university. Atleast you will have a chance to swap accomodation if any becomes avaliable as you are still under the university regulated accomodation and pritchatts road stuff is actually lots closer to the campus than the stuff at the vale. And you may have a duplex room which is close enough to ensuite. I didn't get what i wanted either, I'm at the beeches miles from uni in a single sex flat, I wanted mixed, no ensuite facillities at all there and they allow smoking in the flat bedrooms :angry: so be grateful you have somewhere.
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I am grateful and I've looked at Oakley and it looks nice. I was just enquiring about the bathroom:tongue:eople ratio as I wasn't familiar with the accomidation. Surely it would say duplex room instead of single shared?
Cheers for the info anyway.
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Yeah it would, you'll be sharing bathrooms/kitchens with the rest of your flat, which is 5-13 people.
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No the only reason I was annoyed is because your in the block I wanted to be in lol
Oakley Court flats have 2 bathrooms I think, one on either side of the kitchen. So you're sharing with 4/5 others probably.
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Yeah something like that - they either have two lots either side of kitchen each sharing a bathroom or they have one side like that and the other side as duplexes not sure if any are all duplexes, but that doesn't concern you - so it shouldn't be more than 5 possibly 6