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    (Original post by Sire)
    I figured you might have said something along those lines lol. Yet Mr White has a valid point in his principles for The Way, and I shall support.

    P.S. Monday evening my time, I'll jump on IrCQNet for a bit around 8pm. Hope to see you around then.

    The pleasure will be mine to catch up then, thanks for introducing me to this forum, Im sure I will find it enlightening. lol you know me well, yet as I said, never understimate because every dog has its day.

    Did the dog have his day, or was it more akin to a blind squirrel finding an acorn by chance? Anyways, my ironings done, time to get back to that life I chose to lead. Post well people.

    (Original post by Mr White)
    As there is a limit on the size of one's signature, it has become necessary to start a thread to declare all members, due to the huge influx of potential candidates. As such, this thread is linked to in the signature, and there is not really much point in anyone posting anything else here. Current total members = 21.

    This will be updated as more members join.

    a_musical_gay - Supreme Grand Pontiff of the Enlightened Few.

    The Enlightened Few:
    Gemgems89 - Sublime High Provost & Second in Command
    Tek - The Intercessor
    Edders - Soveriegn Rose Croix of Heredom
    ShOcKzZ - Inquisitor General
    Ralfskini - Venerable Chevalier Elect

    Niknak - Chevalier Elect (Nominate)
    Anna - Chevalier Elect
    Lord Huntroyde - Chevalier Elect
    ++Hex++ - Chevalier Elect
    eric bischoff - Chevalier Elect
    Harry Potter - Master Provost
    Serendipity - Senior Provost
    Soulfish - Senior Provost
    MadNatSci - Senior Provost
    Sire - Senior Provost
    deanimate - Senior Provost
    ZjuwelH - Agent
    Octoplaid - Junior Provost
    Janiney - Junior Provost
    Qwert - Junior Provost[COLOR=black]

    Whats all this about?

    (Original post by a_musical_gay)
    Whats all this about?
    It's The Way, the best party on this forum.
    Would you like to join? The benefits are unlimited.

    Oh I see you've edited it, ha ha, how clever. :rolleyes:

    Anyone seen Mr White, grand pontiff person lately?
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