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late period( i know, overdone) :( Watch

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    i know this is overdone but i cant find any posts with the same circumstances.
    im 15,16 in a few months, ive had my periods since i was about 12, they've always been regular with it 2 days later each month, i was due 30th of august and its now the 10th of september, i am a virgin, so it cant be pregnancy but me and my boyfriend are sexual in the other ways =/ as silly as it is, i'm STILL scared im pregnant and i think the more i stress, the later its going to be, is there any reason that regular periods can somtimes just randomly turn irregular?
    i've researched it nd it says some cycles last from 21-45 days ive decided if i don get it by mid-october i'll see a doctor but i was wondering if anyone could reassure me that it's normal? and give any tips on how to make it come sooner? im also not on the pill or anything like that, no medication and im a healthy weight

    Yeah it's totally normal. Sometimes your body just goes "I can't be arsed" and doesn't have one, or is really late. Can't you just do a test to totally put your mind at rest?

    You can't make it come sooner unfortunately!

    Just get a test from Boots, they're only a few quid and put your mind at rest, you can't keep worrying 'til October!

    You haven't had se so it's VERY very unlikely you're pregnant.
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Updated: September 10, 2009
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