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How strict is the dress code at edinburgh clubs?

Im moving into my halls tomorrow and i'm just wondering how strict most clubs are on dress code? Will I need smart shoes?
Depends what kinda clubs you're going to go to. You may possibly need smart shoes if you go to some places on George St, but then again, i'm not entirely sure my male friends ever wear smart shoes there, because we only really go down there on mondays. If you're going to go out around the Cowgate area then no you won't need smart shoes.
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Cool, thank you. Do you need smart trousers instead of jeans for the more uppermarket clubs (george street)?
hmm, i think most guys just wear smart jeans normally. you could always check the websites of clubs like shanghai, opal lounge, why not, lulu's, etc, as they're the george st clubs/bars students tend to end up in. the dress code could be different on different nights, i'm not sure.
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My boyfriend's worn converse to george st clubs, but we only go on student nights so maybe its different on weekends, but why would you go when its £10 to get in? Jeans are fine:smile:
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In terms of Edinburgh clubs:

Cav aka Lava Ignite (Bruntsfield): You can literally get in here as a guy in a t-shirt, jeans, and any shoes really. But the place is an absolute cesspool, the girls are slags, but hideous ones sadly.

Why Not?: Aside from the obvious joke (She's 14, that's Why Not.) You can get in with non-torn jeans, and a polo or dress shirt, though you can get away with a good t-shirt (if one believes there is such a thing) but absolutely no trainers. For girls anything goes

Opal Lounge, Shanghai, and Po Na Na: A button down or polo, dress shoes, and non-torn jeans or trousers. Though give Shanghai a miss, as it is absolute rubbish the majority of the time. Opal is quality banter and Po Na Na is the best for a top lash night, and has the best totty of either sex.
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I've lived here for 9 years and can safely say, any club that plays any kind of music worth listening to won't have a dress code in Edinburgh. There are places on george Street that'll apparently turn you away if you're wearing flip flops, but you kind of don't want to wear those in a club anyway (eeew...skanky toes!).

It also depends on "how" yu're dressed as opposed to just what you're wearing (or not wearing). A guy I knew told me once his flatmate (a girl) got turned away from Lulu for wearing jeans and flip flops - but me and my friend turned up a couple weekends later wearing jeans (and she was wearing flip flops - albeit I think they were Marc Jacobs ones) and got let in.

It's up to the door staff. If they don't like the look of you or think you're a d1ck, they'll turn you away. I've had friends who've been turned away from clubs for wearing stripy shirts - no football associations whatsoever.

Nothing on George Street's worth going to anyway - the music is rubbish!
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Edinburgh clubs are hilariously lax in terms of dress, was a really nice change when you're used to the BS London bouncers put you through,
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Deffo true that any of the places worth going to have no dress code but I don't know what floats your boat so...

Most student nights won't care what you wear as long as it fits the look of the club - pretty much anything goes. George St can be a bit of a minefield so if you tend to go places at home that require proper shoes and trousers then you might as well bring them. Lulu and Opal Lounge you probably do need proper shoes though a lot of my friends go to WhyNot (WHY?!?!) on a Friday and the guys usually wear trainers and nobody cares.

Just don't go to Espionage.
Will nice looking jaggy botoms be okay

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