What is the difference between London St Pancras(Domestic) and London StPancras(intl)

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    I was looking to book a journey to a destination. This was the station I was meant to use. I used the domestic one which I believed was for travelling within the country. However I could not book it using this one and had to use the 'intl' one.

    Can the 'intl' be used for domestic destinations ?

    Also are both these stations in exactly the same place ?

    As far as I know there is only one station called St Pancras and it has international and domestic platforms.

    well i used st pancras a lot when i was at uni in nottingham, coming from the tube I had to walk past the eurostar section to get to the part with the midlands mainline, its the same building at least.

    The international one is supposed to be for going by eurostar because I think you're supposed to get different/cheaper fares. You're supposed to have a Eurostar ticket if you're going to st pancras international but I've not seen anyone have to show it

    I think when you use the online search, St Pancras Domestic only refers to the First Capital Connect/Thameslink platforms under the main station (which are confusingly referred to as St Pancras International on all the signs) and the East Midlands services. I say this as I often have to book tickets to St Pancras from South London and whenever I search for trains to 'St Pancras (Intl.)' it suggests that I take the tube to Kings Cross St Pancras and walk instead of getting a First Capital Connect train straight to the main station.
    Even more confusingly, if you search for trains from the East Midlands (eg. Sheffield) to St Pancras International it tells you that you have to make a 16 minute walking transfer at St Pancras Domestic to St Pancras International (which is obviously ridiculous).

    I think 'St Pancras Intl' should only be used in a search if your getting a high speed train to Kent.

    This highlights the complexities of developing a new station.

    The two stations are in the same building:

    St Pancras (Domestic) is for First Capital Connect and East Midlands Trains

    St Pancras (International) is for Eurostar and High Speed Southeastern services to Kent.

    As for the comment about needing a Eurostar ticket to buy a ticket to St Pancras International, this is a nonsense - I'll explain a little bit more about this.

    It is possible to buy a ticket from anywhere in the country to a destination called "London International". Clearly there isn't a station called London International, so what is this?

    Well, let's say I was living in Norwich and already had Eurostar ticket to Paris; clearly I need to get to London St Pancras from Liverpool Street.

    Buying a ticket from Norwich to London International is good for a connection on the Tube to St Pancras - i.e. it acts as a one-way tube ticket on top of your train.

    But, it's not just good for that, if you were travelling on the ferry tonight from Harwich to Hoek van Holland, then if you were coming across from Bristol to get the train from Liverpool Street to Harwich, then you could buy a ticket from Bristol Temple Meads to London International, and that will be good for the tube journey getting you from Paddington to Liverpool Street.
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Updated: September 19, 2009
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