The ''Nothing to hide'' argument and its contrapositive Watch

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Consider the statement: "If you're innocent, you've got nothing to hide'' brought up in many discussions involving a sacrifice of privacy for an increase in security.

Let A=\{\text {event of being guilty (legally)}\} and
let B=\{\text {event of having nothing to hide}\}

Then the original statement can be expressed as

\neg A \Rightarrow B

Suppose this statement is true (for the purposes of the debater employing it, it must be) and consider it's contrapositive:

\neg B \Rightarrow \neg(\neg A)\\

\Leftrightarrow \neg B \Rightarrow A

In other words: ''If you've got something to hide, you're guilty.

Hence, in order to falsify the original statement, we've got to invalidate this contrapositive which seems almost trivial to do (though I cannot claim any knowledge of Law).

Any comments appreciated.
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I think "nothing to hide" here would refer more to "no illegal activity to hide", in which case "not having no illegal activity to hide" = "having illegal activity to hide", indicating that the person would indeed be guilty of something. Obviously people want their privacy and probably do have things to hide, but they're not necessarily illegal.

Nice way of looking at it though

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