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I am so confused in my head I would just like to see what other people think, basically this summer I had an amazing oppurtunity and I basically got to live a dream of mine for a few weeks in the summer, its the thing that I want to do at Uni. Whilst I was away I got incredibly homesick and I think this was mainly because I realised the thing that I had planned to do for the rest of my life since I can remember became a reality and I realised with quite a shock that going to a place to do this would be the complete wrong thing for me to do and now im in a place where I have to choose in a week my 5 unis and my course choices and I dont have a clue what the hell I want to do other than a drama course at uni and i still dont know whether im just doing this for the hell of it or if i dont want to go to uni, like what are the options if you dont go? does anyone have ANY advice?
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If you're still undecided, you can take a gap year and reapply. Make sure you do something constructive in that year though

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