Mental health nursing degree at Notts- what am i to expect? Watch

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Hi there,

I'm due to start a mental health nursing BSc at Nottingham in January, but I'm getting stressed out about what to expect.

I have a degree already and when I went to uni, I knew exactly what to expect. I had a list of all my modules, the assessment criteria, the degree structure, a rough idea of contact hours. I knew for example, that second year, second semester, I'd be studying Anglo Saxon language, 100% exam assessment.

This time around- I have no clue! Nottingham is supposed to be a good uni, and it's high up in the nursing league tables, but I feel as though I'm going into it blind and I've been given little info.

I'm even wondering if I'm going to like it. When do you get time to study? How hard will the academic work be, given that I'm normally an arts/languages person? I'm worried. They told me it'll be fine, as I have a good academic record, but hell, there's a huge difference between getting an A in English, and an A in science, for me. I've been so worried that I've signed up to take Human Biology GCSE again at nightclass! Hopefully I'll get more than an E this time...

I've been given very vague answers to my questions: "Oh it's placement assessed too" "Oh, you all follow a common foundation programme" etc..

I want to know exactly what is going on. I have no car either which is a big source of anxiety for me, and I'm new to Nottingham so I'm stressing about placements and the thought of wandering round St Annes at 11pm at night after a shift!

I want to get a good classification in this degree as I ultimately want to do some research, but I feel as though i have no clue what to expect, nor how I will be assessed, and nobody has told me anything I couldn't read already in the prospectus.

Can anybody help me out on this score? Thanks!
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I didn't want to read and run as I think the only notts nurse on here!

Your CFP year is mostly general nursing, you'd look at nursing skills such as hydration, pressure sores, blood pressure, observations, nutrition, and you'll also study Biology aswell. The other two modules are Social sciences which looks at the sociology behind nursing, and finally evidence based practice which focuses on tools nurses use in decision making, reflection, what constitute evidence, and professionalism in nursing, and the NMC.

Second year is branch, so in that area I can't help! The academic work- its tough, but dont leave it to the last mintue like I have! Human bio GCSE will REALLY help you, loads, the biology is very tough, I have it at a-level and have really struggled.

Placements will happen in march-july and september-december, you'll really enjoy it- I started this january, so will be a second year when you start!

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