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Ok, so I've had psoriasis for years. It was only on my legs, on three different spots. Then two of those spots healed on their own. I only have one left and my dermatologist has instructed me to apply some cream/oinment thing on it. I've been putting that and it's stopped itching and is actually getting better.

However, it's not much of a problem. My problem is this:

Since a little more than a month, I've had another 'spot' under my right arm pits. It covers like half the armpit. For nearly two weeks I've had it under my left arm pit too and it's only a small spot. That I've told my parents of and I'm still applying that cream thingy twice a day after showering but right it's really ******* itching. It's itching like hell. Since Saturday night, I've noticed that were dot-like structures everywhere on the 'down side' of both my arms. Today, I looked at it closely and it's gotten worse - it's nearly the same thing as I have under my arm pits.

What's even worse now, is over the past few weeks, something between my thighs is itching me. It's between the left side of penis and my left leg. Whenever I looked, I saw nothing. Today, I looked closely and noticed something white/silvery there. It's not red like the other spots. Although, up until I started the treatment, the spot on my leg was silvery and that could get ******* nasty!

I don't know what to do about is. My parents know only about my arm pits and leg. I think I will go see a different dermatologist. I didn't even want to go to that one in the first place, he reeks of spasm and seems quite unstable, mentally. :s:

I'm really confused. I don't know what to do. Ah, I said that twice already. I have lots of pubic hair - how should I go about removing it. I'm scared because of the psoriasis.

Is there any form of operation I could do to cure this?
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What cream is it that youre using? You can probably get stronger ones from your doctor. They do use high powered UV treatment to help with severe cases, perhaps its worth mentioning to your doctor about this (NB its not a case of sunbed time).

Could the white/silvery thing be the start of a plaque - a piece of flaky skin? If so this is typical of psoriasis.

In so far as shaving - shouldnt be a problem - if it doesnt hurt when you do it its not gonna cause problems - id avoid waxing though!

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