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    Morning All!

    I have just finished my AS, and thinking of doing AS maths next year.

    To be honest a GCSE, maths was one of my worst subjects-but now i look back on it, i really enjoyed having a subject that was a challenge, and that i should have put alot more work into.

    I only got a C, but was really close to a B (interm)

    What is AS maths like?
    Really hard/easy/moderate?

    Any help/suggestions/opinions much appreciated thanx guys!!


    It really depends on how good you are at maths!!!
    It also depends on how good your teacher is - i've got a great teacher so i've found it really easy, but another class at my school has a different teacher and finds it difficult.

    If you're willing to do lots of practice papers for exams you'll be fine. Every exam i've had no real idea of what i've been doing but then after 10 or so practice papers it all makes sense.

    I'd say it's one of the easier AS levels since you only do 3 modules all at a fairly low standard, plus being a black and white subject makes it easier.

    When the papers get marked I think it's something like the top 30% are given an A where as subjects like art the top 10% are given an A (something like that) - basically you're more likely to get a good grade.

    As far as workload goes, there's no coursework and the first three modules you do whatever they are shouldn't be too hard.
    You'll have a choice of modules from pure/core maths, mechanics, statistics and decision. There's nothing too difficult in the earlier modules so you should be fine.

    Don't know about anyone else but I found the AS a lot better than the GCSE - the course is a lot clearer and there's no coursework!

    Hope this helps!!

    Master Gee
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    Thanx man!

    Think i may give it a go next term in year 13! :-D
    Ill never know unless I try as they say!

    In my experience, high maths ability is necessary to take a/s maths, you need the foundations to be there already and you will find that it is a big step up from GCSE, it is almost always the students with b's at gcse in my school that end up with lower a/s grades and struggle with the work. In most grammar schools they do not let you take an a/s in any subject unless you got a B at GCSE and this is for a good reason. Dont waste your time if you just want to do it for fun, spend the extra time on your other subjects or sumthing fun!!!

    Dont waste your time if you just want to do it for fun, spend the extra time on your other subjects or sumthing fun!!!
    I have to disagree with that. Mathematics can be enjoyable and it's much more productive to do something you find moderately challenging and that has some actual use than to watch TV.

    The only difficult part of AS Maths is C2 imo (or maybe M1 if you do that). If I was you, I would get an AS textbook and look through the key aspects such as differentiation and intergration other than that C1 is just GCSE work and the workload is way overrated it has probably been the easiest of my 4 AS subjects

    If you don't know if you are going to be able to cope why not try one of hte books from www.alphaworkbooks.co.uk there are books on there that bridge some of the gap between GCSE and A level
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