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    Hey people, umm is there anyone out there who has a decent idea for a project to do for A2 graphics?
    The project is based on making a physical product. e.g umm shoe stand u see in sports stores, or umm some sort of advertising/leaflet dispenser you may see in a retial store.

    Any help wud be welcome!

    This year I did a Spectacle Display unit for Specsavers. For A2 (Edexcel) you have to do a project for a client.

    Think of something you enjoy doing, eg. guitar maybe, give Gibson/Fender/Ernie Ball etc etc. an e-mail as say your doing a Graphics course blah blah blah. Ask them if they could quickly write and send you a design brief; so therefore your project is truthful and it looks professional. Tell then your making a guitar stand and P-O-S promotion display for example and ask them to write a brief with things like "it must be ***mm in height, hold the ***modles of guitar." It's up to you. Just do something you enjoy. Say you do do something like the guitar stand, send your "I'm doing a project...." letter to a load of companies, just in case some don't reply, and then choose your favourite.

    Ernie Ball Musicman would be a good choice, as their customer service is awesome (as well as products, as you may know.) You may have a life-time passion for Fender though, who knows.

    Hopefully some of that is comprehendable. Good luck next year.


    I did a board game and display stand this year for a games company who I know from my site. Do something where you can get a lot of feedback from, and you enjoy also. If any friends, relatives or people you know own or work for a business could be a good idea to seeing if you could produce any graphic products for them.

    A guy I know made a rotating stand for his uncle's club, was pretty awesome and another made a clear, circular plastic case for PS3 branding.

    I also desinged a board game, mine was for children so i took it to the local primary school to get them to play with it, so i got a lot of photos of it being used
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