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I got three good A's in my AS levels, and a high B in English.
I am definitely looking at (and predicted) an A in my overall English A level, and it is the subject I most enjoy and am therefore looking at studying it at uni.

However, I am hoping to apply for very good universities, and think my chances of getting onto the English courses are low, considering I only got a B.

I was also wondering how feasible it is too apply for another course (in my case, psychology) and then switch once I am there (presuming, of course, I get in).

Would love it if people could shed some light on this option for me!
I've basically left it quite late and got to decide what I'm doing by tomorrow... eek!

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thats a risky way of trying to get on to a english course, if you get to the uni and they say no, your left doing a degree in psychology, if you want to do english then go for it

unless your going for Oxbridge you have some time, even for Oxbridge you have a month? why do you have to do it by tomorrow

predicted grades are important as well as your PS, if you want to do english then look for english courses, look at ones that wants A's, as well as playing it safe with uni's that want B's
La Esmerelda
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Southampton's a good university and last year their entry grades were AAB with the B in English, so you could look at applying there.

But yeah lotssss of places will ask you for an A. Best to ask your teachers.

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