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    what the hell can you really write about this one? I mean the structure and the language maybe that there is no hidden meaning. And whats the technical name when talking abotu speed of the poem, and when a word sonuds like its meaning? thanks

    Onomatopeia is when the word sounds like the meaning....don't know about the speed but it's tempo in music so maybe the same in poetry? Not doing that poem so can't help there...........
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    (Original post by Gothic pixie)
    Onomatopeia is when the word sounds like the meaning....don't know about the speed but it's tempo in music so maybe the same in poetry? Not doing that poem so can't help there...........
    Alright, thanks anyway

    you can talk about enjambment.it creates speed of talking, giving an impression that it is not only quick Glaswegian accent but also that the speaker has firm ideas he wants to put across, so he speaks without thinking, because he is sure about horrific racism

    I wrote an essay (not a very good one) in which I looked briefly at the poem. Here's the relevant extract (it was to do with Marxism):

    Historically, Marxism goes hand in hand with political struggle. When reading Leonard’s poem, there are these hints of struggle against conformity. The poem’s layout contravenes ‘normal’ poetic structure.

    this is thi
    six a clock
    news …

    This form is a struggle against the received wisdom of how a poem should be presented. The form enacts meaning. This is someone who does not have a “BBC accent” telling people about his “trooth.” From the perspective of form, this is very much a poem dealing with Marxist ideas.

    The poet’s phonetically written and ungrammatical dialect separates him from the educated newsreader. Furthermore, it is the misconception that the upper-classes are in possession of the “trooth” that is being targeted. Marxism is a political system based on the masses. The poet objects to the fact that he would be called a “scruff” and that people would think that the news was not “troo” if it was read by him. More worryingly from a Marxist perspective is the apparent hegemony of the middle-classes (“BBC accent” wielding people.) The poet appears for a moment to succumb to the idea that the BBC man is telling “trooth.” The BBC man says:

    … if
    a toktaboot
    thi trooth
    lik wanna yoo
    scruff yi
    widny thingk
    it wuz troo

    The implication is that there is no objective truth; truth is only true if spoken by a member of the middle classes. The Western media is extremely powerful. As such, the fact that the media is allowed to perpetuate a certain type of ‘truth’ implies power over the working classes.

    omg, lol. i m sure we dont have to know about marxist idea. but doesnt it include the idea of communism?i didnt get what you ve written. please help me, i ve got exam in 30 mins.
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