Receiving student finance before changes of circumstances is sorted Watch

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I applied to student finance a while back, and the non means tested got approved. Ever since they have been working on my means tested.

I ended going through clearing and sent of a change of circumstances form, but still it has not been updated. However for the uni i did not get in, i recieved a payment schedule letter in august.

So long story cut short, can i take that payment schedule letter to uni i got in through clearing, and they can notify student finance i have enrolled, that way i get my maintenance loan. However my uni dosent my student loan because the changes of circumstances hasnt been sorted?
confused - help?
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I phoned student finance up and they are busy so the answer machine says you will get the first installment of payments on time to your new university because the new uni notifies them automatically but they say you still need to provide the change of circumstances form as soon as possible for the remaining terms.

Can anyone else confirm this is true just in case.
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That's what it the message says when you ring up the 0845 300 50 90 number

Zizou10 - I am in the same position as you. I got a letter from SF a while back informing me that my payment schedule had been sorted. Unfortunately I didn't get into the university that I was hoping to go to. I sent in the change of circumstance form updating them on the new university that I will be going to. I can't seem to get through to SF on the phone though.

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