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As from the title you can guess what this is about...

my breast are uneven, and not in the normal nobodies are even sense, they are cup sizes in difference..to the extent i wear a sort of prosthesis to pad one side out so they look even to the world

i've been to the hospital and they say apparently this is common in girls of around 18 and they are going to do surgery to reduce one to even them out, however this is not for a while as there is a huge waiting list

basically starting uni im hoping to meet someone and have a relationship but thats where the problem lies, i am worried that if a guy see's me like that he will run a mile but its hideous. ive slept with one other guy and the next day he broke up with me so im guessing it was because of the boobs since he didnt seem comfortable

so what i'm asking is am i over reacting, will a person im with not care if they really like me genuinely or would this be a problem for people if their girlfriend had uneven boobs

so guys and girls please reply and let me know

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