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    hi. i am currently doing computing AS level, and i have one piece of homework to complete. problem is, i was away when we were taught this bit, and nobody will offer to help me on it!

    help would really be appreciated. thankyou to any1 who can help.

    homework - verification.

    What is meant by verification?

    For each of the following examples of data items to be input, suggest as many validation checks as you can.
    A local telephone number
    The number of hours worked one week.
    A persons name
    A bank account number
    A date eg. date of birth.

    Using the method describe in the notes to calculate a check digit find out whether each of the following is a valid code number.

    Calculate the check digit that should be added to the code 9876.
    An error is found in a batch total. Give different reasons why this might be the case and explain what should be done to find the reason for the error.

    Explain with an example how an odd parity system would work.

    A computer transmits blocks of data to another computer via a network. Outline 3 methods that can be used to check that the integrity of the data.

    What is a virus?

    What does virus protection software do?

    What common sense steps should you do to protect against viruses.

    i am so sorry about this, but it needs to be in on monday or else i will really be in trouble. thanks a lot.

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    any who takes computing in here, please!
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