Uneven Breasts are destroying my confidence Watch

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here's the story

my breast are hugely uneven, like a couple cup sizes, i have a prosthesis in one side of my bra which pads it out so nobody notices..

this has destroyed my confidence as i can't wear bikinis, i avoid any situation that could lead to anyone suspecting even hugging someone tighlty incase they might feel it. i went to the hosp and i am now on the list to get surgery to reduce one

ive only slept with one guy and after he saw my breast and slept with me he dumped me because of it he really had an issue with it which shattered my confidence,

what i'm asking is guys, and girls if you are inclined that way, would it bother you if you were in a relationship with a girl whose breasts were uneven or wouldnt u care coz its them u like in spite of their flaws, or this too huge a flaw

i'm asking now coz im starting uni soon and am hoping to be in a relationship and dont want a repeat of the previous one

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