I'm more than a little suspicious of his motives... Watch

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What would you think of this guy?

I met him while he was visiting some friends of mine at home (he lives hours away) and we got on really well, exchanged numbers etc. and he clearly wanted to sleep with me, but I got the feeling he was lying about some things he'd said about himself and he's so very good-looking that I suspected he was a bit of a player, and he said some very presumptious stuff about coming to visit me like someone would with a long-distance girlfriend, so I just said goodnight and left it at that. He was pretty drunk so I just assumed he was after some and when I didn't hear from him afterwards I put it all from my mind.

The weird thing is that a week later he's texted me and admitted he was joking about the stuff I caught him out on. He's also been hinting about coming to visit again at some point. I'm just confused as to why he didn't arrange to date before he left again if he was that interested and why he's bothering now...could it be just so he can set up a **** buddy thing which would be convenient away from his home? (I've had a bad experience with this before...) He's a good laugh so I don't want to dampen the whole thing but on the other hand I don't want to be strung along...help? :o:
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If your looking for something serious then yeah, leave it, but if you just want a bit of fun - then go along with it, no harm aslong as everyone knows where they stand?

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