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I'm currently looking for full-time work (I have a part time job but because I don't play on going to university immediately I need something more!) I have put my CV on a number of job websites including Reed and My Sheffield Jobs... and just now have received a phone call from a firm called Sheffield M.E inviting me for a interview. NOW, I was a bit stumped because I wasn't quite sure who was calling and after the call I checked my application history on both sites and I haven't applied for anything with Sheffield M.E, I understand they can get your CV off there and contact you but... a similar company did this the other day, Excelsious(?) Marketing Solutions and I found that they are actually door-to-door selling and it's basically a waste of your time so I didn't turn up to the interview.

SO, I was wonderfully, hopefully, that someone could give me an insight as to if this Sheffield M.E firm are the same. I have only managed to find one other forum where someone has said they are door-to-door selling but just want some back-up before I decide to not turn up to the interview again :confused: Please please reply ASAP, as my interview is supposeably TOMORROW (Thurs 17th Sept 09)

Thank yaaaouuu

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