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I am currently a college student, just enrolled this week. However, the course im doing right now is a btec medical science, (a course that im not happy about studying). I originally wanted to do chemistry, biology, and maths and 1 other a level subject. My future carear at the moment is wanting to get into the science / medical field; Hopefully a pharmiest. However, the course was filled up at my prefered college and other colleges at the same time was already filled. I had no choice but to now study medical science. This is a big probem, I dont think im psychologically capable to studying this for 2 years knowing that i have no interest in this subject. Also knowing this course is for under achievers.

I have a university set in mind. I'm hoping to get into kings college london. However, i doubt they would prefer a student to skip a year and follow the original course for 2 years making their college life a total of 3 years. I just recently talked to a conextion adviser. the person say that if i take work experience this year, instead of after college, it still be the same thing and its possibly exceptable. My exskuse if they do ask is "They didnt have my course, so i simply took the work experience first because no point wasting a year etc etc"

So im thinking now, should i take my work experience at 16 into pharmacy instead of wasting 1 year studying something i dont like? Or should I continue with my study with btec and change it next year so total of 3 year of college life.

If I continue to study btec and complete it, there is only a limited university in london and else where in england that would accept. However, If i do A level, then theres more doors for me.

I think this is the best route, not really wasting a year because most take gap year at 18 for 1 year so im simply taking it earlier. And not wasting a year while composating for future plans. Whats your oppinion?

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