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First post on here but i've heard plenty about it being a great place to ask questions, i've been intending to join for a while.

I'm in 6th year now and i'm looking at trying to get into a Pharmacology course at Glasgow or Strathclyde. Anyone else looking at that kind of area incidently?

Four B's are on the entry requirements for most of them but for whatever reason i screwed up some of my highers pretty badly. I don't know why really and i'd say i was capable of more but nothing i can do about it now. Would have been good for 6th year to be a bit more relaxed, i can't blame anyone but myself.

What i actually got was bbccd with Biology C and Chemistry D and i'm re-taking them with a view to the courses i've been looking at, Maths and English i got B in which i was happy enough with.

Generally when reading about second sittings they're talking about one grade higher overall. So does that mean it going up to ABBB meaning i need AB in the two sciences i'm doing again or am i misunderstanding it and it means i actually need A at both? Going up to A at both would be a big thing but having started them around a second time it seems to be feeling a bit easier, although i'll need to see how i do in any practice tests especially the prelims to see if i have improved all that much. I'm aiming to go up to A in both but whether it'll happen is another thing, i admit i'd be more comfortable if A B is what i need.

Any input is appreciated.
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Hello! I would expect it to mean ABBB, but it would depend on the precise wording (link?). Usual disclaimer: if you want absolute certainty, then email them and ask. They're likely to be only too happy to help.

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