College gap year, and gcse reconsidering? woodhouse probably? Watch

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Well this is actually my last resort to my current problem.

Basically, my prefered courses are fulled up in every single college around my area. I originally wanted to do maths, biology, chemistry and another A level. But all fulled so the adviser told me to do btec medical science which is still the best choice then choosing other a level which is not relavent to the thing i wanna do later on. So I did.

But now thinking, should i actually waste 1 or 2 years of my life doing something i dont like or do a skip year at 16 doing work experience and gcse retakes on subject i wish to improove?

My current GCSE score is 5.5- total of 12 gcse. If i improove it to 6.0 excactly and reapply to woodhouse at 17, do i still stand a chance of getting in? They accept students from 16 - 19 but im not sure if they accept gcse retakes.

I dont want to waste 1 year or 2 years of my life doing something at college i dont enjoy. Instead, should i do my work experience earlier and retaking gcse along side it then reapplying to colleges?

Because you see, i dont enjoy btec because there is a limited university in london or england that accepts it. So i need to choose the best option available.

What do you think
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I think it is possible but you should definitely phone Woodhouse to see what they say. I think if you want to go to Woodhouse you should bump your average to atleast 6 though but they might be alright with 5.5. Good luck

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