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what factors make you decide to go on a date with a guy? watch


    *strolls in*.....

    What on earth is going on here? Am I s'posed to feel enlightened??

    And in answer to your question, I don't think you'll really need our advice once you find a girl you really click with, because you won't need to kind of drag her for a drink, you'll just both want to! However, generally I agree with Lauren. Mutual attraction, good conversation and a laugh. But all of this can be cancelled out by someone forcing all of these things and seeming desperate, no idea why, it's just not an attractive thing.


    (Original post by feelthesunshine)
    Of course believing in serendipity is valid - there are blatently elements of opportunity and luck at the points where relationships "click" and you both "know".

    No-one can make someone feel attraction for them like turning on a switch, but they can increase the chances.

    And I do not reference movies. Hitch was a movie made to make money: African-American lead with Hispanic and Large supporting actors. Sure, it touches on a few points, but equally misleads. It is a romantic comedy, nothing more.
    Let me explain what I meant by poseurish confidence, so you can work out what it is that's irritating about you and, for the good of us all, change it:

    - just because you put things in bold doesn't make them meaningful. All you seem to do is highlight the parts of your text which have the greatest quantity of ********

    - do not use long words to look intelligent if a) you do not know what they mean or b) they do not follow on from the conversation

    - when you combine irrelevent pieces of information with the kind of *******s you're sprouting, you're going to piss people off.

    Please learn from this. Some of what you say is intelligent, but your form is just going to drive people crazy.

    He's at King's; this dating expert stuff is par for the course. The thing that put me off King's, because it's a great college, was in the prospectus. In the list of societies it said things like "archery" which made me think, "isn't that nice?" Then it devoted a quarter of a page to "queer @ King's" which just seemed strange. I'm sure more people play, say, football than enjoy rimming.

    attraction usualy does it 1st for most people
    specialy at clubs so on. gotta get noticed kinda thing

    but every one see's attractive in a dif way.. eg to some one i may be someone very pretty and to his best mate i am some weird freaky deamons hell spawn things... you get the idea.

    after that if you want it to keep going for me its the abilty to hold a conversation past 5 mintues.
    things in common... good minds and personality.. honour and respect and trust.


    I agree with JD about half the posts on here :/. What I say, is that you probably really shouldn't be asking on internet forums, you should be out experimenting imo, just make sure you're not too bothered about it, be relaxed, remember it doesn't really matter!

    (Original post by Mr J)

    Seen as I've been experienceing all sorts of problems getting certain women out for a drink, then my querstion to females is what factors make you decide to take the plunge with a guy?

    I don't mean giving nos, I mean actually deciding to go for a date.

    Obviously, I could do with improving in this area and the other guys here could certainly benefit from female wisdom.

    Mr J

    Factors for me is if they have got a good personality, i wouldnt want to go for a drink though...especially on a first date, women may think ok they are taking me here so i'll get drunk and have sex with them etc....

    also they have to have some of the same interests as me and can talk, I couldnt go on a date if the fella was like this because it would make me feel awkward

    on a first date take them out for a meal or something nice like a walk, be a gentleman! and dont bring them to a bar.

    Some girls might like to be brought to a bar etc....or whatever but this is just a personal opinion :p: xoxo
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