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    (Original post by Teacup)
    This is my first post so I'm going to try and make it count.

    I joined about a week ago and have been learning about the forum since then. These are the observations I have made that everyone is too afraid to state:

    This is indeed the cliquiest forum I have ever seen.

    Wild Thing appears to be the Queen Bee because she is in almost everyone's signature. However, this is because she whines when not placed in even the most obscure sig. And she promises rep but hardly gives it out.

    2 + 2 = 5 (i like the Orwellian name) is bound to join the Freemasons one day as he respects his superiors (this 'd') and bashes the new ones.

    Black Hawk hunts newbies and eats them for breakfast.

    True, genuine members include izzy hattie, feefifofum, flukey lpk and several others.

    lastly, newbies are often the most despised group, even though most times they are often the nicest - probably because they have to work so hard to get into other people's sigs.

    If any of this seems harsh, just pretend it was in someone's signature :eek:
    you have forgot about the random threads that come up that manage to get 100's of replies beofre being deleted abour random topics such as "elephants in the travelieser" and the "unorthadox use of glass meseothene" and the "look at the time children go to BED" which is usually the most popular thread at 1AM here where it is very hard to keep up with the amount of posts in it, especially for some people :rolleyes: who are now nicknamed granny typer (ajdabrill) lol

    (Original post by mmjp)
    And here was me thinking that TSR escaped the shallow world of the outside people. :rolleyes:

    *goes to look at picture thread*
    It does...

    (until hot girls come into it...)
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    I like how everyone concurs :rolleyes:
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