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PLEASE HELP!!! (i know i've posted this on more than one board- sorry!!!!) watch

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    :confused: Please help! I'm having a really bad time with teachers pressurizing me etc. and i'd like some advice from the students themselves!
    i'm studying chemistry, physics, maths, further maths (to AS only), french and general studies (not that it matters!) for my a-levels, and i'm predicted a's for them all.
    so far so good, i fit into the basic oxbridge criteria.
    now comes the dilemma - i love sciences and, as an inquisitive (or nosy! whichever way you look at it!) student, i really do think i would benefit from the nat sci course at cambridge! on the other hand, unlike most people who are applying for nat sci, i know almost for certain that i will end up specialising in chemistry - i've known that for quite a few years now, so why spend 2 years doing topics that i won't *need* necessarily when i can focus on chemistry from day one?
    also, i've heard, and the figures back me up on this, that it is easier to get into a straight single science course at oxford than it is to get into nat sci at cambridge?
    on top of these complications, i love my french and my music. oxford allows me to travel to france during my course for a few months whereas, as far as i know, cambridge will not. while places such as imperial or bristol will allow me to persue research in france for a whole year!
    finally, can anyone tell me how competitive the instrumental awards are at places such as oxbridge, imperial, bristol, durham?
    having said that, as places at oxbridge are so competitive, it's highly likely i won't even get in? and maybe that's better as it will solve my problem automatically?
    please help! i'm sooooo confused!

    hahahah some people would be happy to get into oxford or cambridge they dont care about course. Err i think yuo should make up your own mind when it comes to this matter. You said you like chemistry then talk about french and music you cant have both. I would choose a science chmistry and do a course at uni at that. if what i posted does not make sense or is not helpfull never mind i wanted to write something as i bothered to read ypur long story.....

    First of all, forget about whether it's easier to get a place on the Natural Sciences degree at Cambridge or the chemistry degree at Oxford. It's obviously very difficult to get a place on either, so I'd advise you to base your decision on which you'd really prefer to study. That's the most important thing. Travel grants and music scholarships, while a great advantage, are less important, and you could always save up for a holiday in France anyway. As for Bristol and Imperial, apply to them as well as Oxford or Cambridge and just wait and see which universities you get offers from.
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