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Can A Labour Supporter Please Answer These Questions: watch


    (Original post by bikerx23)
    Do you think thats really the case nowadays? you cant just buy your way into university anymore - if you work hard you will get there. What is the point in going to university for 3 years, getting a "degree" and then driving a fork-lift? because i know people who have done it. There are simply not enough specialist jobs for 50% of the population in Britain.
    Quite. Too many chiefs and not enough indians.

    I think you'll find Labour advocate 50% into higher education not university.

    I go to sixth form, which is classed as HE. My school as an example took about 50% into the sixth form attached to the main school, and of those 75% will go to university. So 50% in higher education isn't an overly ambitious target, I've even discounted those going to vocational courses.

    P.S I support labour, i know they have many imperfections, the ones i have read here haven't really been well supported and there are much worse imo.

    They may have stated 50% into university in their legislative documents.etc., but what came from the horses mouth was "50% to go to University".
    If your example was true in both cases, I would accept it, as it does not seem unreasonable at all - I agree.
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    (Original post by melbourne)
    9) Labour keep saying that prisons are over-crowding, well perhaps im a genius, or its just common sense>>>>>> Build some new prisons then!! Its hardly rocket science!!! Oh, what did you propose........ letting them out earlier to free up space? Oh what a jolly good idea and then we can all be a victim of crime again.
    The number of places in prisons has been increases. Presently there are 77,414 prison places with 75,983 prisoners, while back in March 2004 there were only 75,352 places with 75,167 prisoners (sorry, but I can't find any earlier figures). But his does show that the number of prion places are increases, and have recently been increasing at rate faster than the prison population.

    However there are problems in thinking that more prisons is a solution to more prisoners. This is only one way of looking at things. Ieally isn't it better to want a decrase in prisoners? Might it not be better to try and spent the money on rehibilitaion within the present prisons and to spend the money trying to stop people offending or re-offending in the first place (cf the New Deal again in helping unempolyed back to work, the brand new drugs rehbilitation unit which has recenlt opened at a Young offenders institute, the scheme trialed in Balckpool to cut drug-related crime has been a huge succes and further trials are being carried out in Scotland with the hope of wider employment of the scheme soon and then there is the new crime bill which is hoped will get 'tough on crime and tough on the cuaes of crime' [to sort of quote the BBC], this should be introduced very soon and will tackle gun and violent crime , alcohol related crime, knife crime and young offender).

    So surely it is beter to try and reduce crime than spending money on many new prisons when if everything goes to plan they will not be needed in a few years time, effectively meaning it was wasted money in the long run and meaning certain prisons would probably stand empty.

    But even supposing new prisons are the answer, it is not easy to get them built. Who wants a prison built on their doorstep? Not many people. One cannot just go around building them wherever one wants. It takes time to get plans sorted out and submitted and agreed upon by the local communities. People may be calling for new prisons, but no one wants them in their own backyard.

    11) 24 hour drinking, are you insane??? This is just going to cause more people to become alcoholics and it probably wont spread people leaving from the pubs much more anyway.
    The evidence so far shows that very few places have gone for significantly longer opening hours and just about nowhere has gone for 24 hour opening. What has happened is that in a town now, instead of most places closing about 11pm and the odd one or two staying open later, resulting in most people leaving the pubs between 10.30pm and 11.30pm you will now get significnt numbers of pubs open until 11pm, 12pm 1am etc meaning that clearly not everyone is out on the streets at the smae time and hence reducing the chances of two 'angry' people meeting up.

    The differing opening hours will also mean that people don't feel they have to rink themsleves silly in the last half hour before closing time. They can take their time and not have a significant rush of alcohol befiore they leabe. They also know that if they really want to keep drinking they can go somewhere else and have a steady flow of alcohol over the next hour. A steady flow is much better for the person in terms of health and drunkenness ratehr than a downing a quick pint before they leave.

    But in reality only a few places have actually gone for extended hours. There are enough to allow a small staggering of cloing times and a small help on the street and hence a small, but importnt ecrease in problems. Many still open the smae hours as before. But many others have applied to stay open and extra hour or two, but don't normally use it. Instead they are keeping the extra hours for special ocasions, a weekend party, a theme night, a bank holiday, Str George's Day etc.

    12) You have employed 20,000 of these special community police officers (the ones that cant arrest you). Why didnt you just train them as police and we would have an extra 20,000 persons who can arrest people?! Whats the point in an extra 20,000 persons when all they can do is ask chavs politely to stop beating up the gentleman.
    First we need to realise that the introduction of PCSO's isn't at the expense of an increase in police officers, but as well as. We now have a record numeber of police officers and adding on the PCSO's there are even more people who can walk about the streets and act as a deternat to crime and reassure people and to try and stop problems before they become out of hand.
    The PCSO's cheif aim is to give a presence on the street and sort of disorder and anti-social behaviour and for stewarding/keeping watch, freeing the main police up for more serious offenses and tasks. It is just these sorts of things the PCSO's can sort out which make many people, especially the elderly, scared to go out on the street, and so in having the PCSO's we can make people feel safer.

    You ask why PCSO's and not just ordinary police. I';ve sort of handled this above: the PCSO's are used for situations where fully trained police are not needed, this allos fully trained police to go off and do the jobs they are specially trained for. The numebr of 'full' polcie is not being cut, nor are the targets to increase the polcie force. The PCSO's are a completel complement to the police force.
    They take less time to train too, so we can get a few addtional people out on the streets in a quick time. Also there are really only o many people who want to become police at any one time or are able to become polcie at anyone time. When you are near to this maximum, but need more peopel what better to have a secondary group with fewer responsibilities who can be made up of people who don't want to be full police officers or are unable to be full police officers for one reason or another, but are still able to make excellent PCSO's.

    I must say the PCSO near me are excellent, always very chatty

    I am still concerned that PCSO's dont have that authority that you would prefer - for example youth gangs would show them no respect - if you look at the manner they treat proper police officers, how would they react to someone who cant arrest them.
    Also, if they cannot arrest, what are the deterrants? i am not 100% sure of their remit, so do not want to carry on too extensively on it...but if anyone would inform me...

    I will answer the two that have not been addressed so far. Much of the points strike me as not particularly labour specific in any way shape or form and as quite idealist. (I am not a labour supporter FYI, I am anti-Blair).

    How on earth can there be a debate as to whether a burgular in your own home can sue you if anything happens to himself? MR BLAIR- THE BURGULAR SHOULDNT BE THERE!!!!!!
    You are entitled to use reasnoble force to defend yourself- the extent of reasnoble force is decided by the long arm of the law. If you shoot a burgular as he is running away (a la Tony Martin) then you risk a prison sentence. If you stab a burgular as he is about to stab you or threatening to do so you can get away with that.
    Why do you associate this specifically with labour?

    10) Why bother handing out lighter sentences to burgulars and people who assault people?? If you gave them a 10 year prison sentence im pretty sure they wouldn't do it again! Instead i think you give them 2 years which they are released after 11 months on parol!
    Thats a huge exagguration. There are many reasons. One must remember that offenders coming out of prison have an extraordinarily high rate of re-offending. Putting prisoners in prison for long periods a) makes them feel depressed; at the end of it like they have no other option b) removes their jobs, their relationships etc. and greatly decreases the chances they will be able to go straight upon release and c) puts them around other prisoners; involves them in a pro-crime culture. The longer people are in; and the more times they have been in; the more likely they are to re-offend. It really is not that simple to say a 10year prison sentence will stop assault: it quite clearly does not. Was murder less common in the middle ages because of hanging?
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