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best so far? watch


    (Original post by Babyshambles)
    Or mabye they have mentioned music that they enjoyed the most? some people's tastes aren't mainstream, but that doesn't make them snobs or anything...

    ...but it's not like the music mentioned here is extremely obsecure anyway... :rolleyes:
    i agree 90% of the bands mentioned here get into the charts and everything.
    i think someones been watching too much mtv base...

    (Original post by Onearmedbandit)
    I haven't even heard of 80% of what people have said in this thread :|
    same here *runs away* :eek:

    i love the killers hot fuss and of my other albums,i can't recall which was released this year

    (Original post by Rooftopcowboy)
    SOME people seem to think that just because a band have played at a small underground gig they are better than a band such as say U2 for example, becuase they are on TV playing large gigs.
    I don't think U2's a great example.

    And Hot Fuss is almost a year old.

    The Mars Volta- Frances the Mute
    System of a Down- Mezmerize
    Oasis- Don't Believe the Truth
    Queens of the Stone Age- Lullabies to Paralyze
    Athlete- Tourist

    singles of the top of m head.
    kaiser chiefs: every day i love you less and less
    kt tunstall: otherside of the world
    daddy yankee: gasolina
    u2: sometimes you cant make it on your own
    gwen stefani: rich girl
    james blunt: your beautiful
    gorillaz: feel good inc
    tyler james: foolish

    (Original post by these_apples)
    kaiser chiefs: every day i love you less and less
    james blunt: your beautiful
    tyler james: foolish

    Arcade Fire - Funeral
    Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake...
    Bloc Party - Silent Alarm
    Final Fantasy - Has A Good Home
    [Patrick Wolf - Wind In The Wires]

    Final Fantasy - Please, Please, Please
    Maximo Park - Apply Some Pressure
    Arcade Fire - Neighborhood 2 (Laika) / Power Out
    Patrick Wolf - The Libertine
    Bloc Party - Helicopter

    ...probably more, I can't really remember.

    again, not much has really grabbed me this year, 1 of the best gigs was Midtown/Hidden in Plain View.

    I quite like that James Blunt song thats out at the moment, also liking The Audio Bullys tune and as far as albums go I think it's been quite a disspointing year, the new Colplay one is good though.

    Without meaning to nitpick, lots of these albums weren't released this year.

    Like um the most recent Willy Mason, Bloc Party, Snow Patrol, Killers, Kings of Leon albums weren't released this year.. actually Bloc Party might have been, but definitely definitely not the others.

    Personal favourites right now: Ryan Adams - Cold Roses, Bright Eyes - both I'm Awake and Digital Ash, Johnathan Rice - Trouble Is Real.. can't think of others right now but they will come to me. For me this year has been less about new music than it has been about listening to old records I've found in my parents' collection. At the moment This month alone I've just discovered the intrinsic beauty of Ike & Tina Turner, Asleep At The Wheel and Ry Cooder.
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    (Original post by yelwalkietalkie)
    Without meaning to nitpick, lots of these albums weren't released this year.

    Like um the most recent Willy Mason, Bloc Party, Snow Patrol, Killers, Kings of Leon albums weren't released this year.. actually Bloc Party might have been, but definitely definitely not the others.
    Bloc Party was definitely this year.

    Unsure about some albums, whether they were out this year or end of last year and cant be bothered to find out so wont do albums (think most have been mentioned anyway)

    so yeah, Songs:

    Arctic Monkeys - Certain Romance, I bet you, mardy bum, cigarette smoke, fake tales...(love all their stuff ive heard this year)
    Bloc Party - helicopter, luno, blue light
    Coldplay - fix you
    White Stripes - blue orchid
    Futureheads - hounds of love
    Kasabian - stuntman
    McCartney + U2 - sergeant pepper's lonley hearts club band (does that count?)
    Babyshambles - **** Forever, man who came to stay (yeah Killamangiro was about november time i think)
    razorlight - somewhere else
    Maximo park - going missing
    oasis - importance of being idle, mucky fingers

    (bit of a long list sorry)

    best gigs:

    Kings of Leon @Nottingham Ice Arena
    Kasabian @Nottingham Ice Arena
    Oasis @City of Manchester Stadium

    ...havent been to many yet this year (actually these have all been post-exam gigs) because of all A-levels and stuff, main gig going period is july to january i think lol. In fact these gigs were one day after another (kasabian-oasis-KOL)....awesome week!!!!

    coldplay - X&Y
    joy zipper - american whip (great album, look into it !)
    nine inch nails - with teeth
    queens of the stone age - lullabies to paralyze
    beck - guero
    weezer - make believe
    audioslave - out of exile
    dave matthews band - stand up
    gorrilaz - demon days
    hard-fi - stars of CCTV
    kaiser chiefs - employment
    new order - waiting for the sirens to call
    the bravery - the bravery

    I haven't been to many concerts this year but my favourite live performance has been the Black Boys of Alabama at the Cambridge Folk Festival. They're really cool for old people. And one of them can make a really scary deep voice. I wish I could do that.

    (Yes, that says the Cambridge Folk Festival. Don't tell anyone. Although it's better than it sounds and Graham Coxon goes there so it must be good. According to my girlfriend, anyway.)

    Albums of the year:

    The Ordinary Boys- Brassbound
    Coldplay- X&Y
    Bloc Party- Silent Alarm
    Hard Fi- Stars of CCTV
    Editors-The Back Room
    Bright Eyes- I'm Wide Awake, Its Morning
    The Tears- Here Come The Tears


    The Ordinary Boys- Boys Will Be Boys
    Maximo Park- Graffitti
    Razorlight-Somewhere Else
    The Tears- Refugees
    Coldplay-Speed Of Sound

    Ordinary Boys
    Maximo Park

    In my opinion, the best albums so far this year are...

    Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams
    Foo Fighters - In Your Honour
    Audioslave - Out Of Exile

    Ok, I said before, but I am going to make a definitive list now, and elaborate with gigs and singles!

    Bright Eyes - Digital Ash In A Digital Urn
    Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake It's Morning
    Ryan Adams - Cold Roses (and I'm sure the 2 other albums he's releasing this year will be equally good)
    Patrick Wolf - Wind In The Wires
    Johnathan Rice - Trouble Is Real
    Magic Numbers - Magic Numbers
    Eisley - Room Noises

    The Kooks - Eddie's Gun
    Willy Mason - Hard Hand To Hold (my fave fave fave)
    Supergrass - St. Petersburg (pretty sure I'm going to love their new record)
    Paddingtons - Panic Attack
    Kid Carpet - Your Love
    Bright Eyes - Easy/Lucky/Free
    Weezer - We Are All On Drugs
    Thee Unstrung - Psycho
    Kings Of Leon - King Of The Rodeo

    Best gigs:
    Willy Mason with at the Enterprise pub... every week... for a month (you could say I had nothing else better to do).. Romeo from Magic Numbers and then another week the full band played support.
    Bright Eyes at Somerset House
    Billy Bragg at Queen Elizabeth Hall

    But yeah; I'm still very much into old music over most new. I've noticed some bands do put out some cracking singles, but I listen to the records and they're rubbish. I like consistency.

    Right, ain't got many singles down as don't really listen to the charts.


    Paddingtons - Panic Attack (in particular), 21 and 50 to a £
    The Rakes - Retreat
    Backstreet Boys - Incomplete (that piano riff, the laughable ballady lyrics, ahhh the boys have returned)


    The Rakes - Capture Release (probably my favourite album this year)
    The Cribs - New Fellas
    The Editors - Back Room
    Tom Vek (what a fantastic album)
    Vitalic - Best dance album this year, electroclash is clearly not dead
    The Paddingtons (not released yet but pretty much got all their album songs and trust me the album will be excellent)

    Most dissapointing albums

    Fischerspooner - Oddyssey
    Daft Punk - Human after all (so dissapointed after the beautiful discovery album)

    Only seen The Cribs this year at Koko and they were wicked.

    Could list a lot more stuff if assed.
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