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HELP!! re-take A levels or should i just do a degree ?(im 21 right now) watch


    (Original post by *starbuck*)
    Education isnt everything. There's nothing that says someone cant go out there and get a job, work their way up taking qualifications on the way and get to the same level as someone with a degree. In fact there are plus points to not going the education route - debts for one!

    If its that problematic coming to a decision about Uni, then to me its clear that uni isnt the right choice, for now anyway. There's nothing wrong with taking some time out, earning some money and seeing where that takes you - only forward imo.
    I completely agree with you there. And as I previously mentioned there is nothing stopping you from doing a degree part time Open degrees are very well regarded. Also if you live in the locality of a uni most do parttime courses.

    (Original post by VampireWithSoul)
    im 21 at the moment but i dont know what i wanna be when i ''grow up''

    Hmm thats led me to think about at what age do people grow up? Does anyone think they are a grown up yet or still an ickle kid? I have never really thought about it before. I feel like i'm not a boy and not a man in a way. Like Britiney "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman" What does everyone else think, do you feel like an adult? Grown up? I'm 18 so in the eyes of the law an adult. I don't feel it though.

    (Original post by viviki)
    Also most grad training schemes only want you if you have graduated in the last three years so you dont have much time to get relevant work experience and reapply. I'm sorry to sound depressing but thats the reality of the situation, it will get worse. With more people studying undergrads more people are being forced to study postgrads incur massive debts and there is no guarantee that you will get a fantastic job at the end of it!

    What do you mean by graduate training schemes?
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