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    I'm following the OCR course and am taking the Poetry and Prose exam next Tuesday.

    As part of this, our selected Poet is William Blake. His work has not been asked before on this paper and thus there is limitied practise questions for me to fret over

    I was just wondering if anyone had done Willie Blake before (on any exam board,) and if they had any, or could remember any Q's/themes which tend to come up.

    I'm working around Religion/Nature/Urban Life and Industry/Children/ Constraints etc.

    Thanks very much in advance

    Dreama xxx

    ps - This is mainly the Songs of Innocence and Experience, but some of the more prophetic poems too.

    I'm doing AQA but these are the past qus, missing one from Jan's though, sorry!

    January 2002

    How does Blake convey his thoughts and feelings about the treatment of the children of the poor in the England of his day? In your answer, either make detailed use of one or two of his poems or range widely across the Songs.

    How successfully has Blake in his Songs satirised what he saw as the injustices of English society towards the end of the eighteenth century?

    June 2002

    Blake wrote an introduction to his Songs of Innocence and Experience which he did not include in his published work:
    The Good are attracted by Man’s perceptions,
    And think not about themselves;
    Till Experience teaches them to catch
    And to cage the Fairies and the Elves.

    And then the Knave begins to snarl
    And the Hypocrite to howl;
    And all his good Friends show their private ends,
    And the Eagle is known from the Owl.
    How are these lines typical of Blake’s view of life at the end of eighteenth century? You may range where you wish throughout the Songs or concentrate on two or three of them in your answer.

    How does Blake seek to influence the feelings of his readers for the victims of a society which he believed was based on fear and repression rather than on the brotherhood of man?

    January 2003

    How do Blake’s Songs reflect the period of social and political change through which he lived? How effectively does he use language and form to convey his views about these changes?

    What influence did Blake’s interest in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible have in his Songs?

    June 2003

    Rousseau, whose writings Blake studied, argued that one of the principles that motivated human beings was a revulsion at seeing fellow human beings suffer and die.
    How far do Blake’s Songs reflect this view of Rousseau in his writings?

    A contemporary who knew Blake described him as eccentric and wild, but not mad.
    How far do Blake’s Songs confirm this view?

    January 2004

    A French Romantic poet stated: ‘Romantic poetry springs from our agony and our despair.’ Referring to relevant Songs, show how far this is true of Blake’s poetry.

    To what extent is it true that Blake’s revolutionary vision dominates his Songs?

    June 2004

    Illustrate from Blake’s Songs the ways the poet shows that the people of his time were alienated from their natural selves and from society by political, economic and religious repression.

    Show how Blake in his Songs displays his indignation about the brain-washing and exploitation of children by people in power.

    January 2005

    How does Blake present his views in the Songs on relationships between parents and children?

    They all seem to have a focus on society, that's quite broad but should help you outr I hope


    This is the link for all the past papers for AQA. Blake is in Unit 4 and there are mark schemes there as well.
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    Omg thank you

    You're welcome, thanks loads for the rep. hehe
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