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UCL accommodation swap

I have been allocated in Ifor Evans Hall, Camden road. It's single room, catered facilities. 133 per week meals included. I would like to swap to any other single room (preferably en suite if available) closer to university(5-10 min. walk). PROXIMITY!
would anyone want to swap????

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It's stupidly close already. 29 takes you to college in 10 minutes flat.
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So I got an offer for College Hall, cant afford it so I need to swap it with someone. I was looking to move into Ramsay but I guess I cant be too picky at this point. I need to figure this out now so quick replies would be appreciated. Thanks
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Hey. Lets talk. I've just got an offer for Ramsay and College was my second choice (Connaught first). I can't guarantee anything just yet but I'm certainly up to discuss it.
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yea man, i dont know what the procedure for this is though, cause ive got 4 days to accept my college hall offer and then i guess wel be able to sort this thing out but yea ive got no clue on how to do this
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I was hoping you knew. Damn.

Oh, is your offer an en-suite?
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its a single, i called ucl and they said that swapping is possible but you have to talk to the who manage the intercollegiate halls, so i spoke them and they said something about the swap being finalized before the 1st of Sept.
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Odd, I just phoned UCL and the guy said you have to wait until 3 weeks into term, then something about a list you have to sign up to. Regardless, this sounds much better. I don't want to move in, meet people, then move out...
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Yea true. Anyway ive got 4 days until this offers expires or whatever, gives us some time to think about this, I think the best thing do to would be to go there personally, if your nearby that is.
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Ok, I'm going to go into the city now. I'll post again this evening.
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Sorry man. They won't change it. I have to wait till 3 weeks after term before they will consider swapping. Intercollegiate halls such as College obviously have a different rule. I hope you are able to find someone else who can swap.
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Yea i called them to, they said its the same for intercollegiate halls as well, so If I wanted to swap from College Hall to Ramsay id have to put my name on the list and all that, then i can swap in 3-4 weeks. Is there anyway we can swap before term starts?
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Doesn't look like it, sorry man.
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i would like to trade my john dodgson house ( ensuite, single, self catered, 10 mins walk from ucl) with any inter collegiate hall, preferably college hall or canterbury hall.

i actually applied to college hall and canterbury hall, and as a international student i heard piority will be given :s-smilie: My younger sister is entering ucl in the same year ( i took a gap year) and shes going to college hall and we would really like to go to college hall together.

i dont mind paying exta for all the trouble. do consider!

thank you so much!
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I have been offered a room at Frances Gardner house for £168 a week. It's way out of my price range and would like to know if it is possible to switch with anybody. I have already called UCL accommodation who have been very unhelpful and said there is no way to switch, so if you cannot afford it don't come here. Wanting to switch to anywhere relatively near UCL which is cheaper.

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does your student loan not cover it>?
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No where near. I don't get any grants at all and my loan is for £4988 and my total accommodation cost is £6410.
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no grants= filthy rich parents, so get asking them man
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Thanks, thats really helpful.
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well, tbh its true, i know your asking for help, but one would think, to ask parents for help? They clearly have sufficient money if you get NO grant.

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