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[q1]> Well, I'm quite sure that is wrong - if these days the unis don't even[/q1]
[q1]> which other unis you've applied to, how can they know what offers you've received?[/q1]

I meant that I thought the ATs knew it in the past (when they still knew your other choices).
Anyway, the main point was someone's concern that their Oxbridge application might disadvantage them
elsewhere - see what JHP and Katy had to say.

[q1]> Why do some people on this newsgroup get so paranoid about university applications?[/q1]

I'm not paranoid, I'm past the application stage.

Tom Salls
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[email protected] .co.uk says...
[q1]> Well I don't find it very "Waah! Waah"(whatever that means.) Who gives an artist's rat whether[/q1]
[q1]> somebody applied to Cambridge or not? What's more important is whether they come here wanting to[/q1]
[q1]> or whether they come though the gates feeling superior because they thought they were Cambridge[/q1]
[q1]> material. (but aren't any more so get over it.).[/q1]
[q1]> I wish you'd actualy read my posts before flapping at the mouth. I distinctly said that it was not[/q1]
[q1]> from any feeling of inferiority, but because of the attitude some of these Cambridge rejects[/q1]
[q1]> bring. They should get over it and crawl out of themselves. Is over - is all.[/q1]

I did read your posts, I disagree with 'em; the attitude problem I see is in the universities rather
than the students. When I was at Uni, I didn't run into anyone who felt that they were superior
because they'd applied to Cambridge. In fact, those who had applied to Cambridge usually kept quiet
about it because, after all, they didn't meet the bar.

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[q1]> In your dreams. It's academic potential we're inetersted in and the[/q1]
[q1]> to learn.[/q1]

Which someone rejected from Oxbridge can definitely have, whether they are bitter about being
rejected or not.

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any letters i recieved from my unis regarding my offers quoted my ucas code. i was told that each uni i applied to was automatically given my password for the web site thing. it may not be true, but if it is it would be incredibly simple for unis to check up on your application. i have a feeling it is true, though, because my first offer was from sheffield, who in the prospectus asked for the same results as bristol and durham, and every offer i recieved afterwards was consistently lower, regardless of university "stature" and position in the league tables etc. how would durham have known to make me a nice low offer to ensure my acceptance of their place if they didn't know that birstol had already lowered the ante, as it were?
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